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I am a lvl 28 hunter with a week off from work. The raid is just about the last thing I need to do so if there's a spot free I wouldn't mind coming along. Mowgers on PSN, Uk time.

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Thanks for posting this Patrick.

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You have my axe.

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I created a thread about this but I guess I should've posted in here first... Mowgers on PS4, EU. Lvl 28 Hunter. I need help with the last part of the bounty too. PM me or add me on PSN.

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Cool! Sorry, didn't think to post in that other thread.

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As many of you I'm sure know, the last part of the Thorn exotic bounty is a real doozy. Basically I need two people to help me run through a lvl 26 version of The Summoning Pits to kill a named mob that spawns in the final boss fight. I'm on PS4, EU, user name Mowgers, lvl 28 hunter. Ideally if there's anyone else who also needs to do this that'd be best. Let me know on here or add me on PSN! I'd be up for helping out with weekly strikes etc in return or just pushing the fan button in the tower whilst you're on the fan or whatever. Make you float. Super fun.

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It's funny, Warhammer likely has a lot to do with the 'cockney orc' trope, but originally Games Workshop writers had them down as Scottish, probably Glaswegian.

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I could do with a group for raiding, 'specially since the Iron Banner ain't yanking my crank right now. Mowgers, Hunter, Lvl 27, PS4, UK timezone, has mic.

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Sorry for your loss Jeff. Take your time.

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Get a job that can support you. Any job. When you are not at that job, practice drawing. Learn how to use Photoshop. Learn how to use different physical media, paint, charcoals, hell, even collage and sculpture, a little bit. Don't give up drawing on paper if you get a tablet. Be prepared to miss out on social occasions because you need to get work done. Don't just draw concept art. Learn anatomy, sketch studies of interesting things, paint landscapes, do abstract experiments with colour and texture. Do it well and do it all the time. Be prepared to give up some of what you like to support what you love. And remember. Concept art is an industry term for promotional or production artwork. 'Concept Artist' is a job description. Avoid trying to learn a 'concept art style' because that phrase is meaningless. You want to become a great artist, because you love creating and visualising, and then you want to make a career out of it. Concept art is only one way of doing that.