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Get a job that can support you. Any job. When you are not at that job, practice drawing. Learn how to use Photoshop. Learn how to use different physical media, paint, charcoals, hell, even collage and sculpture, a little bit. Don't give up drawing on paper if you get a tablet. Be prepared to miss out on social occasions because you need to get work done. Don't just draw concept art. Learn anatomy, sketch studies of interesting things, paint landscapes, do abstract experiments with colour and texture. Do it well and do it all the time. Be prepared to give up some of what you like to support what you love. And remember. Concept art is an industry term for promotional or production artwork. 'Concept Artist' is a job description. Avoid trying to learn a 'concept art style' because that phrase is meaningless. You want to become a great artist, because you love creating and visualising, and then you want to make a career out of it. Concept art is only one way of doing that.

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Pacific Rim. I think its maybe a little unwise to directly compare the two because they aren't necessarily the same genre. Godzilla is a monster movie (which should be about the monster first and the people second). Pacific Rim is a Super Robot movie (which should be the other way round, humans and their giant robos first, monsters second). Godzilla didn't have enough of it's titular beastie (though the bits with Godzilla were great), and the human drama fell flat. And while Pacific Rim had some fairly dire writing, it had loads of genuinely great robot vs monster action and the human characters actually had stories, they weren't just there for set dressing. Mako manages to stand up and prove herself, and avenge her family. Raleigh finds something to live for. Not the deepest character development, sure, but its there.

Simply put, Pacific Rim knew exactly what it was trying to be and succeeded at that, no more, no less. Godzilla felt like it was trying to justify itself, trying not to blow the one thing it really had, Godzilla, early, and ended up falling flat.

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Obvs, Neuromancer, Snowcrash, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, Ghost in the Shell Vol 1 (2 is a bit.... odd), Appleseed. Also I remember re-reading Gibson's Burning Chrome short story collection a whole bunch. It has Johnny Mnemonic in it, which is a great story that fell in a big hole when it made it onto celluloid.

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Not troll messages per se but seeing 'Visions of chest' next to Stone Trader Chloanne and later just finding a message that read 'thrust but hole' appealed to my fucking juvenile sense of humour.

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Brad's flag needs to be the British flag ('Ello Guvna!), Drew's the USSR (because we all know he's really a sleeper agent). Other than that, nice work.

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Right now it's basically no more than Terraria with spaceships, which isn't really a bad thing. It runs fine on my, I guess 2-3 year old iMac? Watch the quick look, maybe look up one of the wikis out there. If I were you I'd wait until the next patch goes live (which should be quite soon, I think), because it's going to wipe characters BUT they've said this is the last time they're going to need to do that.

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Yup, can't connect. UK too, using Mac version.

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Xboss, please.

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Yeah I watched it last night on Vinny's recommendation. Bit of a poo-pile, really. Sorrrrrryyyyyy Vinnnnyyyyyyyyyyy.

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This, Clearly.