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@sogeman said:

they're all just trade offs. Wear what you need depending on the enemies you fight.

That is the thing i don't understand, since all enemies that use physical attacks use either blunt or thrusting damage it seems like you would never want to use a armour set that just has a higher general phys defense rating.

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Yeah i am also a bit unclear on how the damage works in some cases, the elemental blood gems seem terrible, i slotted one into my holy blade that gave it fire damage but removed all the other types of damage as well as completely nullifying the effect of the two other blood gems i had fitted.

Not sure how the armour system works either, gascoignes set increases your blunt and thrust defence but redusces your physical defence by the same amount compared to the hunters armour, so witch one is better in general then?

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Thanks for all the replies, i will bump my endurance up to 20 then i will focus on getting strength up to 50 with some more vitality along the way, my build is pretty basic without any real depth or finesse, but boy do i hit things really really hard, i'll call this the "hulk smash" build. ;)

So i just got to that nasty maggot gandalf wannabe and his spider cronies, spent a good amount of time meticulously getting rid of his bodyguards only to have the fucker pull a houdini and summon more spiders and bombard me with ice comets, good times we here had by all.

I am guessing this boss will be a bit of a pain, good thing i like it rough.

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So i began playing bloodborne a week ago, i went in it completely blind, not having read anything but reviews of it and it was my first "souls" game.

As i did not know anything about it i went a head and picked lone survivor as my class since more hp and power are pretty much useful in any rpg, i have been doing pretty well, better than expected actually, i have taken down nine bosses with around 25+ deaths in total.

I am pleased with my build so far but vitality and strength have reached a point of diminishing returns now and i want to know what i should focus my leveling on now.

These are my stats at the moment

Vitality : 30

Endurance : 17

Strength : 30

Skill : 12

Bloodtinge : 7

Arcane : 7

So where do i go from here?

Leveling skill feels pointless since i already have my strength as my main "damage" stat and i do not particularly like the skill based weapons i have found so far, i primarily use the kirkhammer, ludvig's holy blade and the tonitrus ,my endurance feels fairly adequate as it is now.

Any advice is appreciated. :)

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Why? Just why?

Sure it may be a "cult" classic, but it was and forever will be a fucking terrible game, TERRIBLE!!!

Who is the market for this?

It only sold a descent amount of copies because of the controversy it stirred up, i doubt there where many who got the game that actually liked it, is this some kind of videogame hipster thing? "oh look at this shitty and obscure game i'm playing i am a special and unique snowfalke"

I am all for nostalgia and bringing back classic franchises, but this game had no real merit except it's "shock" value and the hype created around it's controversy, it does not deserve to be revived.

Fuck night trap, fuck this kickstarter and fuck the people who thought that this was a good idea.

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You will be missed Mr Davis, best wishes to his friends and loved ones.

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This series needs to be rebooted.

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He will be missed, said nobody ever.

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Watching ProtonJons blind run of a super kaizo world level never fails to bring a smile to my face.

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I love how his mind breaks at 7:39 as he encounters the biggest fuck you in video game history.

The entire let's play is prettty much gold.