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@Buzzkill: Thanks! Unfortunately the show goes on! Womp-Womp. Have a great weekend!

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@Buzzkill: @FLStyle: Yes, please, do continue. I'd like to see where this goes :)

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Added Beyond Good & Evil. Not only do you get to shoot the backpack, but you send the poor guy flying into the air until he explodes into currency.

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Here we go everyone. Frame Trap is now LIVE! Show begins in just a few minutes! Spooky will be up first.

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Hey all, sorry for not checking in it's been real busy :) Definitely appreciate all the feedback.. this episode we ran into some technical problems as we're still working on transferring all of Haunts' responsibilities to Chris. There are all these little tricks that the two of us have developed over the course of years of casting and Chris is still very new to the programs we use, so something will go wrong and then we'll have to explain some tiny, minute detail that totally changes it. It sucks, but that's just how it is. We've got.. I'd say two more of these pilots left before we officially launch and then we have no more excuses ;)

ALSO~ Big announcement for the show coming sometime this week. Special episode in the very near future. Stay tuned!

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Hey guys, hope you all enjoyed the show this week. I gave everyone a great big shout-out after the first break :) Too bad I was tongue-tied for the first 15 minutes or so. Not sure what was going on there. I should do some verbal exercises before hand I think. 
Also, we go on the same day as Cross Counter Live because that's the way we originally planned it. We wanted to shoot it at Southtown Arcade and they're only closed Mondays and Tuesdays. The guys need a day off so we all agreed that Tuesday was for the best. Also, CC Live pushed their time slot closer to us and we're every week, not bi-weekly. So maybe it's a better question for them ;D

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@Scooper said:
You may have heard somewhere that 3rd Strike is a good game and that you should play it, but take it from me, It's ass.  Also, I wish I could watch this live but I can't stay up that late on a weekday :( 
Good news, everyone! There's an archive available immediately following the show on our jtv page, but we also upload it to YouTube the next day.
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Fuck. Okay, new announcement. STAY TUNED~

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FLStyle, you da best maang! 
I actually answered Pazy's question on Twitter, but yeah, we want this to be a show that's for players of all skill levels and experience. We'll be discussing topics that are important to the hardcore fighting fans but we want to do it in a way that new players won't feel lost, so we'll do our best to put things into perspective for those viewers. We want it to be a show where those who are already into the community will invite their other friends to watch and get them interested and involved.  
Pazy: Watch tomorrow nights episode and let me know what we can do to help you out. We're doing a few more test episodes before we "officially launch." Which really just means, then it'll just look a lot nicer ;)

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Thanks guys! I saw a lot of GiantBomb folks in the chat which is always great. This community has been really good to me over the past year or so, supporting iPlayWinner and a bunch of other wacky exploits and I really appreciate it.
And Jackie Chan is so goooood! I hadn't played it for a couple of months but man, it only takes seconds to get consumed all over again. I should have a video from last night soon where I have a total EVO moment with Mysterious Lion. NEVER GIVE UP!