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Hybrid you know? 1

The image of Hybrid is all wrong. That is to say it seems people's idea of what Hybrid is all about is wrong. I've heard many people dismiss it as another third person cover shooter with burly men in power armour, only this time you don't have direct control of your man as you can't leave cover.Well I suppose they're partially correct. It does feature men in power armour what with it being set in the future and all. The story, what there is of it, is largely guff as well and 5th Cell (better kno...

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Smashy smashy, give us your cashy. 0

In the process of writing this review I stopped for a moment and considered – has there been a definitive MMA game? The THQ UFC games are pretty good but nothing that I would consider “definitive”. The EA MMA game wasn't as good and the Supremacy MMA game definitely wasn't it. But the team behind Supremacy – Kung Fu Factory – get another bite of the ultra-violent apple with Bellator MMA Onslaught which this time is a downloadable title for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.I'm far from th...

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Big fighter, small console 0

Back in the days of the original PlayStation, the one-on-one fighting genre was in steep decline. In 1997 Street Fighter III arguably marked the peak of the genre and from then on there was a visible shift to 3D graphics which led to the release of dross like Battle Arena Toshinden and Star Wars: Masters of Teras-Kasi. Even Street Fighter’s return in the form of the 3D EX series was poor at best and only the Tekken series seemed to make any kind of meaningful step forward.Not that it seemed to b...

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She could put an eye out with them. 0

Did you know that 2011 marks the 15th anniversary of Dead or Alive? No, not the British band who sang “You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)” - they've been going since 1980. Not the Bon Jovi song either, that's from the 80's as well. I'm talking about Team Ninja's fighting game series which is probably more famous for it's bouncing buxom babes than the actual fighting. It debuted in 1996, and according to Wikipedia (ah Wiki, what would lazy reviewers like myself do without you?) this is also...

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