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Amazing how oddly these events are carried/swayed by extremist views. A female gamer/producer (Brianna Wu) complaining about a male dominated industry pointing out sites such as Giantbomb (who have gone out of there way many, many times to unveil the sexist mindset within the industry) is very odd. Setting up an all female studio producing games exclusively about women also seems to be very contrary to who whole argument. Surely arguing for one thing only to go to the complete extreme opposite is a little hypocritical?

I completely understand peoples need to voice opinions, they feel are important and need to be heard. I realise there are a lot of mindsets out there that believe the growing female prevalence in the industry is worrying somehow. But the actions of a few going to the press and speaking out, using inaccurate statements and seemingly little to no research is a foolish venture and not a way to gain footing.

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The misquotations in the "review" sections on Steam and their website are shameless. They are either taken from interviews WITH THEIR OWN COMPANY aka quoting them selves, or completely out of context. Example: "IGM: "...a whole new take on the horror genre... " " - Original text: "Huntsman is from Shadow Shifters an Australian indie development team who aim to bring a whole new take on the horror genre.".

Most of these quotes are taken from over a year ago, making them even more baffling.

Absolutely terrible, desperate plea for attention.

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Sign me up.

PSN: MrWoks

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Sounds like a plan.

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Liber, the English speaking world is disgusted by your space between friends and exclamation mark.

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@selfconfessedcynic: I'll be mostly annoying you on mumble of course.

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Thats very long statement to make, to prove how deluded you are.

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@WAR4HA: You definitely can, also where is Canteu?

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@adam1808: We don't only play PC games. A few of use mumble while playing competitive games on the consoles. A great example of this is recently was a small group, running quasi training sessions in Virtua fighter 5: Final Showdown. This was followed by days of fun battles and even a jump into the world of rank mode.

As said before in previous posts, we do not only play video games. A wave of card games seems to have hit the mumble and we have been playing anything from dominion (that can be played online HERE) to Cards Against Humanity (that can be played online HERE).

All are welcome!