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Sounds like you just need to get a bigger hard drive if you are deleting things that frequently to make room.

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My NBA 2k14 download took about an hour, maybe less. But the Install took closer to 3-4 hours. At least it allowed me to play quickplay matches while it was installing.

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This thread just seems like one big ego flex from the topic creator.

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@rethla: You can also outsource almost all of those things to other cities in your region, freeing up tons of space. Yes, the city size is limiting but if you are only relying on a single city square for everything then you are playing the game wrong.

Not as easy as it sounds. Sure you could do that in theory, but that would require all the other cities in the region to sacrifice space/efficiency/money for your benefit. So while you have a nice import system going on with lots open areas to build in, all the other cities are building industry and utilities to export for your needs.

Not to mention the current amount of water and power you can import are miniscule at best. At least in my experiences.

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Good job guys.

Keep this industry fresh by buying games on launch before finding out if it's good. It's really fucking funny that DMC fans are the only ones with self control to not buy stuff they said they wouldn't buy.

You got what you paid for. Everyone said it would happen.

Right, because installing and downloading the actual game is a determining factor of the quality.

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@gs_dan said:

Origin supports preloading, pretty sure...

It does, correct. But for some reason they decided not to allow it for SimCity specifically.

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It is pretty ridiculous that some people (myself included) can't even download the game on release day after they pre-ordered, let alone play it without issue. Could have been easily solved by allowing preloading, but EA decided to drive a car with flat tires for some reason.

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For me the Origin client still has my Sim City game greyed out and says "Not Yet released". Apparently this is a very common issue right now. So they managed to hit the grand daddy of all release day issues, no actual game for a lot of the customer base.

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Depends on the franchise. For Metal Gear Solid and God Of War I went back and played from the beginning, but with something like Splinter Cell, or the non-numbered assassin's creed games I usually just read up on them if I don't want to play the old ones.