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Jeff, Brad, Vin, and the rest of the GB team are doing a great job. Not even "considering everything that's happened." They are doing a great job period. There is new content throughout the week, the podcast has been stellar, etc etc.

Your subscription to Giant Bomb does a lot of stuff. It supports a site and a community you love, and helps to keep it at least somewhat independent. It also gives you access to exclusive video and audio content every week, allows you to watch higher quality videos and gets rid of ads.

You think because you pay 50 a year you are entitled to new exclusive content whenever you want? This is a small site, run by just a few dudes. You want new content every time you click refresh go to IGN or someplace like that, and see what kind of quality constant supply gets you.

Honestly, I love this site, this community, and all of you guys, but some of you folks can be pretty entitled crybabies. You don't like what you are getting for your money, then don't subscribe.

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All of these games are still up and running.

I want more space flight sims, but Chris Roberts new thing and that new X game look great.

Also want to see more basebuilding sims like Dungeon Keeper and Evil Genius.

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Nolan North As Nolan North = Deadpool

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Something something cynical I hate popular things

I thought this was pretty neat.

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Welcome to the community! This place is great.

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I'm liking the French female voice as well....but Its not as good as the female Russian from SR3 and im bitter about it.


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Part of the answer is that responsible internet communities need to do a better job policing themselves and setting standards. This anything-goes attitude that pervades gaming forums is unsustainable if the industry is going to continue to expand.

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Experience the terror that is STEGGY

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I need this.