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In high school, my house was the place to be on weekends for multiplayer gaming. After graduation, everybody left town and I lost touch with my regular gaming crew. I'd say that was the end of multiplayer games for me. I work with some people who play games but we mostly have different tastes in games. I work the late shift and they all have things going on in their lives that prevent us from gaming together regularly when we find a game that we all play.

The best I can think of is to find people on the forums. I'm not a very social person but I'm getting a little tired of missing out on co-op/multiplayer so I've started putting members from the site on my friends list. There's a lot of us who are looking for mature players who just want to chill and have fun. We're all here because we have at least 1 common interest to begin with.

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I don't have anybody in my friends list playing Diablo yet so feel free to add me. Just make sure to put Giantbomb Diablo or something in the note so I know what the add is for.

PSN: Muerthoz

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There are probably others that I can't think of at the moment but the most recent one that comes to mind is that Ruin/Warriors Lair that was going to be on the Vita.

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The general manager complains that nobody in my department can do the job right but when a spot opens up he eliminates any applicants that have experience or education that would be helpful. He considers my job an entry level position and says those people would just ask for too much money.

Whenever something wrong happens at work, we need to write up a report of the problem. I usually write up the most reports in my department because I seem to be the only one who knows when somebody has done something the wrong way. The general manager automatically assumes since I wrote the report then I am the cause of what went wrong. I usually get a response asking if I know what I should do to make sure it doesn't happen again even though it was because of work that somebody else had done.

Whenever a position in another department opens up I get told that I'm the only one in my department who really knows what they're doing so I can't transfer because it would be too big of a loss. Depending on which way the wind is blowing, I'm either the worst employee to walk through these doors or I'm the MVP.

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Just submitted my request to join. PSN and Bungie name Muerthoz.

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Dakota City, NE, USA

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FC: 1590-4705-6199

NAME: Muerthoz

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Friend Code: 1590-4705-6199

Fruit: Oranges

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I think my wishlist would be Larfleeze, Bleez, Booster Gold, Blue Beetle, Captain Cold and Captain Boomerang. I also want a Blue Lantern skin for the Flash.

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