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The general manager complains that nobody in my department can do the job right but when a spot opens up he eliminates any applicants that have experience or education that would be helpful. He considers my job an entry level position and says those people would just ask for too much money.

Whenever something wrong happens at work, we need to write up a report of the problem. I usually write up the most reports in my department because I seem to be the only one who knows when somebody has done something the wrong way. The general manager automatically assumes since I wrote the report then I am the cause of what went wrong. I usually get a response asking if I know what I should do to make sure it doesn't happen again even though it was because of work that somebody else had done.

Whenever a position in another department opens up I get told that I'm the only one in my department who really knows what they're doing so I can't transfer because it would be too big of a loss. Depending on which way the wind is blowing, I'm either the worst employee to walk through these doors or I'm the MVP.

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Just submitted my request to join. PSN and Bungie name Muerthoz.

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Dakota City, NE, USA

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FC: 1590-4705-6199

NAME: Muerthoz

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Friend Code: 1590-4705-6199

Fruit: Oranges

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I think my wishlist would be Larfleeze, Bleez, Booster Gold, Blue Beetle, Captain Cold and Captain Boomerang. I also want a Blue Lantern skin for the Flash.

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I didn't know John Morrison had workout videos.

Seeing that video made me think of his backstage parkour video.

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I was a little interested in this before it came out but there really wasn't enough info out to help me decide on buying it. On launch day I watched a couple player streams and it didn't look too bad. Next day, I checked stores in my area and nobody had any copies. I asked some of the employees at the stores and as far as they knew, they weren't sent any copies. Now, the more that time goes by, the more that I'm OK with waiting until a price drop hits. I just hope there's still players around when that time comes.

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@Coafi said:

All I know is that the people who ordered the Wizard's Edition are pissed off at Namco and Digital River, it seems the orders they recently restocked are getting cancelled.

From Namcobandaigames forum

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[Official Post] Ni no Kuni Wizard's Edition: ClubNAMCO Order Issues (Digital River Response)

We apologize for the discrepancies you may have encountered with your order of NAMCO BANDAI’s Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch™ – Wizard’s Edition. As one of our valued customers, we want to assure you that a Digital River representative will be reaching out to you individually via email to address your specific issue. Should you wish to contact us, please call us at 952-392-2057. We sincerely appreciate your patience as we work through this situation.

Please read below for our Order FAQ's

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch™ – Wizard’s Edition FAQ

Why has my order been cancelled?
If your order(s) has been cancelled, we will be reaching out to you by email with additional information as soon as possible. Look for an email from If you do not see the email, be sure to check in your junk or spam mail folders.

Why hasn’t my order shipped yet and when will it go out?
We apologize for the delay. Purchases now are being shipped. You will be sent an email confirmation as soon as your order has shipped. If we are unable to ship your purchase for any reason, we will contact you by email with additional information.

Can I still place an order?
Unfortunately, the product is sold out and we are unable to accept new orders.

Can I update my billing information?
If you have already placed an order and received an email notification that your payment information was not able to be authorized, please contact our Customer Service at 952-392-2057 for assistance.

Why was the product oversold?
Due to an error in our ordering system, the available inventory of Wizard’s Edition was oversold by mistake. We want you to know that Digital River does not take this situation lightly. We are implementing process improvements to prevent this issue from happening again and are committed to regaining your trust.

I'm one of those customers getting screwed by this whole Digitalriver problem. I thought the whole reason for their Ninostarter campaign was to get as many preorders for the Wizard edition as they could. Now they say that they oversold the game. From reading posts in other forums, this isn't the first time that Digitalriver has provided poor service.