Figurine Collection (image heavy I suppose?)

I'm sure there are people here who collects figures - whether they're game pre-order collectibles or published sculptures by well-known manufacturers like Kotobukiya or Alter. I'm one of those people of course, although I wish I can say that my collection is impressive, only it's not really. One issue is shelf/desk space, because not only do you need to plan where your figures go, the box it came with also needs to be stored somewhere.

Anyway here are some of the figures I have currently.

Gwendolyn SIF EX, Odin Sphere - 1/6 Yamato


  • Without a doubt one of the prettiest figure to ever sit on my desk. Do you see the details gone into making her?!
  • Didn't expect her corset-dress (?) to be grey-ish/off-white
  • Was kinda scared I'll bend her right semi-closed hands out of shape when trying to slide in her staff
  • Surprised this hasn't been out of stock yet considering all other characters (Mercedes and Velvet) are OOS
  • Even more surprised at how... normally priced it was. I got it for under US$100 which was a STEAL.

Luka Megurine Tony Ver., Vocaloid - 1/7 Max Factory



  • Recently released in late July 2012 and I nearly missed the pre-order, phew
  • Most eye-catching detail is her hair - the pink recedes to a more translucent colour
  • Base is pleasantly detailed and appropriate - she is a personified music synthesizer software after all
  • However, was expecting her dress to be black, not dark brown. Just a minor surprise.
  • Her box has an annoying, tightly-wounded wire you gotta remove

Tear Grants, Tales of the Abyss - 1/7 Milestone



  • First thought - OMGAH brown!
  • Honestly I only bought her because I like her character design, and I barely played the game
  • Her staff has a tendency to slide down if you knock into her
  • Not much to gush about her. She's simple and pretty.
  • Anyone can tell me the significance of the detail on the base? Or is it just a random design?
  • Oh, her box is super ugly

Emma Frost Marvel Bishoujo (Diamond Ver.), X-Men - 1/8 Kotobukiya



  • On a serious note, I'm not too fond of the Kotobukiya Bishoujo series given that their faces are usually dopey-looking (I'm looking at you X-23!). But since you can barely see her face in this, I got it.
  • Her stance and billowing cloak is, you gotta admit, epic
  • The middle part of the base bugs me though. It looks odd in close-up.
  • Many complained about the weird line INSIDE her stomach region, but it doesn't bother me too much.
  • Also, got it for DIRT CHEAP from AmiAmi. Dude, 76% OFF. US$19.

Hirasawa Yui (Maid Ver.), K-ON! - Banpresto



  • I honestly can't recall why I got her. I'm not that fond of maid costumes, really.
  • But, it's Yui! One of the few ditzy characters I actually like from an awesome anime/manga series
  • Surprisingly detailed for something so cheap. I like the flow of her ribbon at the back
  • ... Why are her hands super yellow though? I'd like to imagine it as her having yellow rubber gloves on but... it's not working.

Black Rock Shooter / Dead Master Nendoroid, Black Rock Shooter - Good Smile Company



  • Awww aren't they cute? Nendoroids are too adorable.
  • Black Rock Shooter OVA = boring as heck. But the art style is super.
  • Dead Master > Black Rock Shooter. I SAID IT!
  • Their heads are slightly heavy so if you're planning on having them in this particular stance style, be careful
  • I don't like their other stance styles because they're pfft boring
  • I put them side-by-side by the way, because aww cute!

Luka Megurine (Toeto Ver. Soft Vinyl), Vocaloid - Good Smile Company


  • Toeto is like, the shy version of Luka
  • E-eto... eto.... eto... .. . . .
  • Well say "eto" repeatedly and you come about her name
  • This is her song by the way, which is cute and sad at the same time :\
  • Aside from being adorably... adorable, the figure frustratingly leans slightly to the side because her base is some POS plastic
  • I got the last Toeto figure from Play-Asia bwahaha!

Luka Megurine Figma, Vocaloid - Max Factory



  • Can anyone tell that Luka is my favourite Vocaloid?
  • Sadly, this will be my first and last Figma because I hate "action-figure style" figures i.e. ones with joints
  • I got this because this is the only Luka figurine with her tuna
  • UNFORTUNATELY, that damn tuna can't stay in her hands without toppling off so I gave up and she's in this boring pose
  • ):
  • Her black dress is an insane dust catcher ))):
  • I still love Luka though

Miscellaneous, Vocaloid / K-ON!


  • These were all gotten because I needed a few more dollars to qualify for free shipping on Play-Asia
  • Luka in a tuna car! Hahaha!
  • I did not intend to get Yui and Ritsu in swimwear because they were shipped randomly
  • Yui doesn't have a base because hers couldn't fit and I threw it away in a fit of rage >.>

PRE-ORDER - Momohime, Oboro Muramasa (re-issue) - 1/8 Alter


  • I dare you to say that this isn't a beautiful figure. The colours are spectacular. D:<
  • I had the chance to buy her back when she was first released, but my weird rationale was that since I didn't play the game, I shouldn't get it
  • I hate my past self for that
  • Thankfully, they're re-issuing this and I pre-ordered it the first day it was put up
  • November release

PRE-ORDER - Ryougi Shiki, Kara no Kyoukai (re-issue) - 1/7 Good Smile Company


  • I have no idea who Ryougi Shiki is
  • Nor what Kara no Kyoukai is about
  • The fact that it's a re-issue means it's a popular model thus, I want it
  • But seriously, her kimono is gorgeous with the subtle designs, and her whole stance is serene despite that blade in her hand
  • November release as well, and more anticipated out of the 2 pre-orders


PRE-ORDER - Velvet SIF EX, Odin Sphere (re-issue) - Yamato

  • I'm insanely happy this is getting a re-issue
  • I need to stop buying figures that show off skin :\
  • My most expensive purchase to date
  • December release


Ugh trying to format this is a damn nightmare. My lines are all gone. I'll edit this whenever I can. Anyway:

  • Feel free to share your figure collections. Collectibles work too!
  • Any anticipated pre-orders or upcoming models?
  • Any figure that you're hoping to get?
  • What's your limit to how much you're willing to spend on a single figure?


Putting in hours to Diablo 3 - Public Games and Auction House

(I should mention that in all honesty, Diablo III is the first Diablo game I've sunk a lot of hours and commitment to. I've never gotten past the Butcher in D1 because I always release him without any prior strategy or leveling up for him, and I simply skipped D2 because when it was all the rage, I wasn't interested in PC gaming. I'm still not much of a PC gamer now anyway.

Without any expectations from this latest title, I managed to really enjoy everything the game has to offer. I'm impressed at how addictive it can be, which I'm not sure if it's a good or bad thing.)

Public games; definitely chaotic but fun

I haven't been doing much but play Diablo III daily and recently, I've taken a liking to joining a public game to get through my Acts. Despite the insane amount of Elites, it wasn't all that hard. I was surprised that a bunch of strangers who don't communicate with each other managed to get through the end with minimal effort, but when I played with a friend, we were easily decimated (lol, you know who you are). I had just finished defeating Diablo on Hell difficulty and of course, maxed out my level to 60. I'm definitely hopping back on to play through Inferno as soon as I'm done with this post.

Something else I've been looking into is the Auction House. Unless you can be bothered with crafting, you won't be getting good gear without getting them off the AH (I'm assuming). I find that good loot is insanely rare on Hell and that forced me to spend thousands of Gold to constantly update my gear. I'm trying to raise my monk's DPS, who is currently sitting at 8607.8 DPS, and I can definitely do better than this... provided I raise enough funds for it of course. I did manage to sell off a bunch of my own stuff but honestly, I'm not too bothered with how much I'm getting. I kinda hate looking at my stash of unusable loot so I might just sell them all off at some low price.

Has anyone used the Real Money Auction House before and sold anything? I can't wrap my head around spending more money to buy virtual items. I just had a quick look at it and really? US$250 buyout? Would people pay that much and... why...?

Are you kidding me?

Currently I've put in 97 hours over 3 classes, which is the most I've clocked in any gaming title. That's seriously impressive, but I'm sure there are others who have already spent over a hundred hours am I right? Although at this point, I'm wondering if you're still playing because the game is enjoyable for you or because it's just routine. Something being addictive doesn't always mean a good thing. So what is it for you?


Hurrah! 11410.25 DPS at the moment.


Gift shops can be fun too

Those who weren't my friends from GS wouldn't know that I work in a film production house. When we're in production period, I get extremely busy. My last production took more than 2 months to film, and that's not counting pre and post. But when we're in downtime (which we are at the moment), I have so much free time, I can literally cry out of boredom.

It's a good thing I visited the Science Centre yesterday and bought a whole bunch of nanoblocks. What are nanoblocks? Think miniature Legos. I totally spent my last couple of hours in the office building them, although that giraffe was a huge-ass pain.

I've got the Tokyo Tower, Moai Statues and a space center to build next. :D

I pretty much spent a bomb at the gift shop, and I'm sure the kids were quite jealous when they saw my basket. My sister and I had it piled to the top without any shame. Some other notable items that I bought were a couple of laser-cut metal films that you assemble into buildings, a robotic bug for my cat to mess around with and astronaut ice-cream! I've always wanted to try space food but I think the ice-cream would be the least gross.

Yes of course I enjoyed the exhibition I attended, but I have to say having the money to spend on the little things that perk your interest is much more enjoyable.

In actual gaming news, I'm considering buying Lollipop Chainsaw. I've been following the game since day 1 because why not? It looks like a whole lot of ridiculous fun. While I'm not too fond on the introduction of Juliet's sisters, it shouldn't be a factor to turn me off the game really. Although on that note, are they simply NPCs or do you have to control them in certain sections?

Worth playing?

The obligatory introduction blog

I think it's about time I start a blog on this site. I'm sure there are a lot of Gamespot users who migrated over to Giantbomb for whatever personal reasons, and I'm no different than them.

So Giantbomb. I've been a member since 2008, which honestly I never realized I made an account that long ago, but I never did anything aside from the occasional visit for a review or two. I'm still trying to familiarize myself with the site and I think I'll take my time to do that. I'll probably be blog-hopping more than anything because I just simply like reading. I do hope that I get to know more awesome people here, like I did at GS.

As to what I'll usually be blogging about, I tend to write about what I've been gaming (of course), comics, purchases and little quirks from my personal life. And by little quirks, I meant my absolute obsession over a certain Korean pop idol (I'm not sure if I'm kidding about this). I think I censored quite a lot of my thoughts and feelings on GS even though I like to speak my mind. That of course leads to long, rambling blogs that might lead to absolutely random topics. Although of course on GS, seems like most are on a single-tracked mind and will only comment back on gaming topics I touched, and that's positively dull. I hope my stay on Giantbomb will be different.

I don't want to start my rambling blogs on my first post, so I'll stop for now. I'm sure I'll be posting something new soon enough regardless if people read them or not. On the chance that any of my followers are honestly curious about me, let me know and I can provide a basic rundown of who I am next blog. I AM starting anew after all, and people usually start off by talking about themselves.

This is such an awkward blog, don't you think?