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Is Patrick just 75% of Giant Bomb for people who don't bite on the premium bait? I feel like GB does a lot of what they hate about the DLC culture in games these days...

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I wonder how much it hurts the potential that DFA isn't out yet.

I wouldn't expect much as they say that it's two different teams. So no talent or man power is being changed.

Oh I didn't mean the game, but the Kickstarter itself. I was wondering about doubt and backlash.

Doesn't seem to be an issue though. It is already 340k in.

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I wonder how much it hurts the potential that DFA isn't out yet. As a backer I don't mind - the longer they take, the more episodes of the documentary I get.

Can't help noticing that the finance people are in this one. They must really like the idea of free money and full price preorders :)

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I was more offended by how broken a co-op experience Guacamelee is. To protect your sanity one player has to bubble up and let the other do all the world-switching platforming puzzles solo.

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the kickstarter page seemed to imply that ron gilbert would have a fundamental role in the creation of the game, but with this news, and the news that he's only been consulting on the game in the background, i feel kind of mislead. but maybe i just read the kickstarter wrong. anybody else feel similar?

I think you read/watched or remember it very wrong.

If you're a backer, haven't you been following the documentary? Gilbert has had no visible part in the production after it actually started. He has been busy with the cave.

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-should we be reviewing them before they launch?

If they're subject to complicated online DRM like this, or heavily focused on multiplayer on a scale it isn't possible to achieve before launch, then hell no. You're reviewing a different product.

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Since the Infinity Blade franchise have been very successful so far, what makes anyone think this means anything other than that these guys were making a product of too low quality to fit in?

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This is a pretty deceiving trilogy.

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As if Timothy Olyphant was the problem...

To be fair, he probably didn't want to do a sequel, but this is still a horrible use of money - Paul fucking Walker...