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Maximilian: I'll admit though his "OH YEA VIDEOGAMES LET'S GO!" hype persona can be a bit much but when he's not doing that, he's an entertaining fighting game player.

Force: Very well-spoken, covers a good amount of games.

Markiplier:, the overexaggerated facial expressions notwithstanding, probably my favorite of the "watch dude play horror game with facecam" crowd.

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kinda sad when the one thing that got to me a bit emotionally was not the whole brothers stuff but the fact they killed the owl griffon.


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for me I'll say Dragon Age.

Never liked the universe of Witcher, 2's gameplay was not something that grabbed me and it's more "I wonder if my comp can even run TW3 (short answer: no)".

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did the same with KoF 13. Have 10 dollar something left in this prepaid visa, sold some trading cards, woke up, had money, game's off the sale. GRR

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Totilo had such a weirdly shaped head, hate to be mean but couldn't stop staring at it :|

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Sunset Overdrive

No Man's Sky

honorable mention: Valiant Hearts

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not sure if "small" but new Viewtiful Joe, or very least the first 2 in a spiffy HD package

not sure if they have rights and stuff but a sequel to Okami

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I had just watched the 6th episode of Hannibal before watching this. Two eye popping scenes in one night!

yesterday I beat a Walking Dead episode which also had a "man's head gets squished", funny how that works out :P

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didn't really did it. Story wasn't interesting and many details were hidden or just throwaway explaining, the Transistor never fucking shut up compared to Bastion where I didn't feel he was constantly yammering, the art was great yet the environments got very same-y.....I can see why people appreciated these 2 games but I didn't like either.