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Reasonably Well Done Katamari Clone 0

Remind you of anything?  As you can probably tell from pretty much any video or screenshot of this game, The Wonderful End of the World is pretty much a Katamari Damacy clone.  For those who haven't played Katamari (as I hadn't) and don't automatically understand the reference, the goal here is to move your character around, automatically picking up items in the world that are smaller than yourself.  These items attach to your character, thereby increasing its size and consequently making it...

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Solid But Flawed Horror Adventure Game 0

Darkness Within: In Pursuit of Loath Nolder is a horror adventure game heavily inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft. That much is obvious just from the general tenor of the game, but it is reinforced by the use of certain names that Lovecraft himself prominently used in his fiction ("lurkers", "Pickman", etc.). As a Lovecraft fan, I found this to be in large part a charming homage. That being said, the game has some substantial limitations that made the game at times unpleasant to work thr...

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What Is The Ball? 0

Good goddamn question.  Is it a first person shooter, a sci-fi plot-heavy game, or a puzzler?  The user interface is set up in more or less a traditional first person shooter style, but that's not really what it is.  Yes, there are enemies, but only a handful of different types, and you can go long stretches of the game without encountering any.  And yes, you will have a weapon, but just the one, and it's really more of a means to controlling the ball than it is specifically designed for combat....

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Oddly Compelling 4

I enjoyed playing Two Worlds II, even if it's hard for me to articulate exactly why.  Ever since I was a little kid playing games (or even watching others play games) on a NES or Apple IIGS, I have chased the feeling of excitement when I first get into a game.  I imagine this is what a chemical addiction can feel like.  I wake up in the morning, I want to play it.  When I'm doing something else, I want to play it.  Etc.  This is one of those rare magical feelings of childhood that I can still...

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A Minute to Learn, a Lifetime to Master 0

Playing this game reminds me a bit of the tagline for the board game Othello.  Maybe there's not quite the same level of strategy involved in Galcon Fusion, but the game is extraordinarily easy to pick up, yet I still think I have a lot to learn to be a decent player.  The game is played on a galactic map, with the player starting in control of a small number of planets, each of which can generate ships at various predetermined rate.  Ships can be used to conquer other planets, which can then sp...

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Strong Start to a New Adventure Game Series 0

This game is a nice entry by Telltale Games into a new adventure game series.  For those of us who grew up partly in the 80s, it provides great nostalgia value, staying faithful to the spirit of the original while at the same time providing an all-new story.  While not without its flaws, this game's pluses clearly outweigh its minuses.  For instance, the voice acting is very good.  Doc Brown is voiced by Christopher Lloyd (the original Doc Brown from the movies).  Marty McFly is voiced by A.J. L...

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I Played This Game So You Won't Have To 18

Arcania is JoWooD's most recent entry in the Gothic series, which has developed something of a cult following due to a wide open world, interesting choice dynamics, complex leveling system, and intricate customization options.  This is not to say previous entrants in the series haven't had their problems.  Gothic 3 was notoriously buggy on release, rendering it nearly unplayable.  Even now the most recent official release has some major problems. This may have played a part in JoWooD's developme...

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Fuck This Game 5

Throughout this review, I'm going to use the word "game" a lot, but it's not really applicable to what Denis Dyack produced here.  Too Human is really more of a soul-destroying piece of crap in software form, but for ease of reading I'll go with the shorthand. In any event, if you're a fan of shitty games, look no further.  Too Human suffers from the John Romero/Daikatana problem of promising us a tremendous new gameplay experience and then following through with a giant steaming pile.    The de...

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All-Time Classic 0

This may be my favorite game of all time.  I came upon it sometime in the middle of high school, and I must have played it religiously for two or three years, wearing out multiple flight sticks (a must-have to play) in the process.  I'm sure the graphics haven't held up at all over time, considering everything looks very polygonal.  But when this was released, it was a revolution.    At the time, games were very black and white and hero-centric.  I realize this dates me terribly, but we didn't h...

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Very Well Made Horror Game 0

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is a very strong entry in the first person horror genre from developer Frictional Games, the same studio that produced the very strong Penumbra series of games.  Much like its spiritual predecessor, Amnesia is largely a puzzle game, although there are monsters as well.  But like the second Penumbra game, combat is not something that should be attempted.  Playing as Daniel, you are more or less an ordinary person facing extraordinary monsters.  You don't stand a chance t...

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Underappreciated Gem 0

Penumbra: Black Plague picks up the story right where Penumbra: Overture left off.  And given that Overture was a pretty short game that ended in a cliffhanger, I think it's fair to say that a sequel was required.  It's a quick ride to what is basically the end of the Penumbra story (although Penumbra: Requiem does flesh things out a bit more), clocking in at somewhere between 5 and 10 hours of gameplay.  If you're in a real hurry and follow a walkthrough, you could probably finish in even less ...

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Fun Little Adventure Game 0

Notwithstanding Old Man Murray's claim some years ago, adventure gaming isn't dead (but it's sure close).  That being said, Samorost 2 is a cute new entry in the deathly-ill genre.  In this game, you play the role of a cute little alien whose even cuter little dog has been kidnapped by a bunch of space thieves.  Naturally, you hop into your personal spaceship and try to track him down.  In doing so, you visit a variety of different planetoids, each with different environments and puzzles to solv...

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Solid Point and Click Gameplay 0

I played one of the Indiana Jones adventure games when it originally came out, and I recall getting stuck towards the end of the game.  Old adventure games were notorious both in producing puzzles with absolutely ridiculous solutions, and in not advancing the plot until you could come up with that ridiculous solution.  Back then, before the explosion of the Internet, the only way to move on was to either get a friend to help or call a number to get hints over the telephone.  Well, my friends wer...

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A Throwback Platformer with Modern Elements 0

This game has a lot going for it.  Right away, the game brings you into the story and explains the gameplay element of switching on the fly between a knight, wizard and thief.  Immediately upon starting the game, you'll notice that the visuals are very appealing, particularly for a downloaded game.  While the game is played as a 2D platformer, the backgrounds are displayed in gorgeous 3D.  The environments are colorful and show a variety of fantasy elements, including forests, castles and dungeo...

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Good Game Shines Underneath All The Flaws 0

There's a lot to like about this game, and a lot to be turned off by.  I'll start with a list of positives about the game, then go through the negatives.  Really Cool Atmosphere.  The sky is dark, clouds shift and move, decrepit trees and buildings peak out over a shattered countryside.  It really feels like a post-apocalyptic disaster area, with a Russian flair.Intriguing Story.  The game starts out with several mysteries that you follow up on.  Who are you?  What were you doing in a truck fill...

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Terrific Game That Has Held Up Well Over Time 2

I recently played this game over Steam starting in November 2009, completing my first playthrough the next month.  I should emphasize that first playthrough part, because I enjoyed it enough to deserve a second playthrough at some point.  At recent prices, it can be a terrific bargain.  I bought it for $40, but shortly thereafter Steam (as part of its fantastic holiday sale) had it under $15, which is an absolute steal. From a gameplay standpoint, it is an action RPG.  The combat is largely poin...

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