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Keys all gone, thanks for playing.

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Thanks for putting this together, this was great.

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@aperfecttool72: No, I've had the original Toki Tori for a while now. In any case, not sure why they'd give me so many of them.

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If anyone wants a 10% off Steam coupon for Toki Tori 2+, let me know. For some reason I found like 8 of them in my inventory today.

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I have a few new DOTA 2 keys. Send me a private message and I'll send over a key (until I have none left).

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@wewantsthering said:

Okay I think my friend wrote the best parody of this article. lol

I think it misses all the marks of being a current gen dating sim. First off, its 1 girl and 3 guys you can choose from. What if I dont like the girl? Im stuck with her. The customization is terrible, I cant even pick the eyebrow color. But getting past that part, the game just doesnt have any dialog for you to even pick. You just meet a small robot named Claptrap and a guy missing an arm and a leg. Not a great amount of choices there.... Overall, I couldnt get past 2 hours into the game. It was just full of violence, the characters did not look like humans and I couldnt even get claptraps number. If you like this game, more power to you, but Ill be playing sims online and getting real girl's numbers.


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Codes are all given away now.

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To folks asking, yes, it is the PC version.

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I have a couple of free keys to Defense Grid (and DLC) that I'm giving away (I got them through the Kickstarter campaign for DG2). Reply to this or comment if you're interested, I'll look through the next day or so and send them out. Good luck.

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@Ravenlight said:

For the best multiplayer FPS around, install Team Fortress 2. It is free and better than a lot of $60 AAA titles, in my opinion.