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I don't ever remember Fable II being free on LIVE, I remember they split it into "episodes" and episode 1 was free, so that might be what you downloaded. But since they put Fable II on Games On Demand, you can't re-download episode 1, nor buy the other episodes.

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I don't own any yet, so any of them are options. 

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I just recently bought Dragon Age Origins and am have a lot of fun with it. I have 800 points on LIVE and I was wondering which would be the best add-on to buy? I know a couple of them are 1200 points, so they're out, but what do you think is best that is under 800?

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Hey GiantBomb, ever since the NGP was announced I've wanted to go back and play some of the PSP games I missed out on. The sad thing is, my battery for my PSP is totally toast, so I would have to buy a new battery before I can play any of those game.s So the question I pose to you is should I buy a new offbrand battery for around $10-$15 to buy and play some of the other games, or should I just not even bother?

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I'm not sure if I have one, but discuss!

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That's just stupid. Is there a big enough fan base for this game to warrant any type of DLC?

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No. Because the DLC is a totally different piece of software. You can't judge a game based on it's DLC.

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@ch13696 said:
" Wait, are you trying to get recommendations or are you trying to prove a point?  If you want a recommendation then play Legend of Dragoon. I also suggest Legend of Legaia, but I'm hearing from a lot of people that it's crap. I actually don't think so.  "
I was really wondering if they were still playable compared to recent JRPG's. But, I also asked for recommendations. I've seen Legend of Dragoon fairly cheap, I'll probably pick that one up then. 
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" i think there should be more jrps now like ff13 and star ocean. western rpgs like fallout 3 are hella boring. "
I would disagree. But it seems like you're trolling, so whatever.
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Alright, so the verdict is they're still fun. I'll have to start looking for Chrono Cross or one of the others suggested. Thanks guys.

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I've played none of them, well, I played a couple hours into FFVII and it was still fine. I'm just wondering what would be some good ones to pick up if they're still fun to play.