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I have to laugh at DmC getting a perfect 5 and this getting a 4.

We all knew this would happen. The guys just don't know enough about this type of game and the flashy but shallow game would of course score higher than the game that offers depth and challenge. ;)

Knew what would happen? That they would have a different opinion and affix one less totally irrelevant star than you would have liked?

Check this out:

Aside from the decent juggling/string system, there are parries and cancels, too (though, less than I'd like). It most definitely has depth. The system may be changed from previous iterations, but you're confusing accessible with shallow.

This isn't high-school where you need to fight one for the other's affection. We've just seen two awesome action games released within a couple weeks of each other, and you're pissing all over DmC for no reason.

Have you played through MGR?

Wow thanks for posting that video. I'm pretty good at getting SSS rank on Son of Sparda, but this guy...SWEET JESUS. His reflex's border on supernatural.

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Nice to see ZombiU get some props. It's the best (probably only at this point) reason to own a Wii U.

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Kinect's existence has been validated.

Well done Double Fine.

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Been a member of forever and never commented once. But YOU SIR, deserve recognition.

That was amazing.