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I've been following Ryan Davis and everyone else since Gamespot. I didn't know Ryan personally, but hearing about his death was a total shock to me. He will truly be missed. Rest In Peace, Ryan Davis.

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@Demoskinos: Thanks for watching that video, too! Ninja Gaiden certainly was harder than Sonic 2, and I'm glad to know that the graphics in Sonic 2 didn't fool you from seeing that! haha! I appreciate the support!

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Thanks for all the comments so far, Duders. I really enjoyed working on this 91 minute video, as I love Sonic and I also wanted to take a break from playing just NES games on a dance pad.

Hopefully news outlets will start covering this soon... The video's been out for over a week and none of the major sites have mentioned a lick of it.

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@JCTango: Thank you! Honestly, I only have one GameCube dance pad, and one Xbox 360 dance pad. If one of them broke, I'd have to buy one brand new to replace it! I wouldn't settle for any less, and I'm glad it hasn't come to that.

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@MooseyMcMan: I appreciate the understanding. I've been following Giant Bomb ever since Jeff and Brad were at Gamespot. I just want to share my feats with other Duders here on Giant Bomb, just as I have shared my accomplishment of making Castlevania in Minecraft. Duders share awesome things with other Duders.

@Skyfire543: Thanks!!

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I have made many blog posts before, all of them well-received. I have also been a Duder for many years. I have nothing but love for Giant Bomb.

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No Level Select, 91 minutes long, beat it with 2 lives to spare, didn't die at the final boss... the list keeps going!

Please tell your friends! I'll be playing Super Mario Bros. 3 next!


Green Hill - 0:35

*Chemical Plant - 3:14

*Aquatic Ruins - 10:34

*Casino Night - 14:40

*Hill Top - 21:51

*Mystic Cave - 30:13

**Oil Ocean - 39:07

**Metropolis - 50:47

Sky Chase - 1:12:55

**Wing Fortress - 1:15:04

**Final Boss - 1:26:58

*=somewhat difficult

**=very difficult

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It's pretty crazy how much attention this is getting! Even KONAMI and Cliffy B have seen it!

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Charlie Tunoku FOR THE WIN!!!

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Castlevania... IN MINECRAFT!!!

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37 days and 100+ hours of building. That's not even including the time spent doing practice runs, recording footage, and editing the final video.





Thanks for always checking out my posts, Duders! I love Giant Bomb, and will always support it.

Next up, I'm reviewing KOTOR, as well as playing Sonic 2 on a dance pad!