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I wanted to like Wolfenstein. The gameplay was decent enough, but the audio mix, at least for my Xbox One version, was absolute trash. The characters voices were almost inaudible, which got more and more frustrating as the game went on until it made me actually hate the game. The main character sounded like a serial killer. I looked all over the web for a fix, and it seems that Machine Games just says "check that your audio settings are set correctly for your Xbox." I'm not an idiot. I have 5.1 and it has worked perfectly for every game before or since this garbage. A Bethesda published game with major bugs, par for the course.

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Full disclosure: I just happen to work in the same office as this guy who is all pissed off about an issue that almost no one knew about or cared about until I dramatized it on a website. Things are not as bad out there in video game land as you think they are Pat. Jeez.

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What if a developer wants to make a game where people are stalked by a person they friend on Facebook? Or a game that is critical of Facebook? Or a game that paints a service like Facebook (even a fake one) in a negative light?

I think there is legitimate potential for an altering of the course the Oculus and its games will take by being beholden to Facebook as its master now, and to just dismiss people who have those knee jerk feelings at this moment is weird to me.

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@getwimmy said:

Also, that fucking song at the end credits was perfect. A beautifully haunting rendition of In The Pines that would put Cobain's to shame.

"Put Cobain's to shame" is a bit much. I went and listened to it immediately after hearing this one at the end of the game. It is a very different cadence. Nirvana was my band in high school, so I'm biased, but I think the Nirvana version is incredible.

Also, great article Alex. I find the most interesting stuff to be finding out what happens in the game when people make different choices than the ones I made. Like in my game Alvin got his brains blown out, graphically, and Nick got his neck bitten in to by a walker while Walter looked on and let it happen.

I am playing Clem in this game as a pretty hard edged little bad ass, with no patience for people like Nick or Rebecca. I'm finding I'm not worrying about how to be nice or make the best choices for a happy story, but rather looking out for myself more. What a cool series though, right!

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Patrick is not a reporter or newsman, he is an editorialist who practices advocacy journalism. Nearly every article of his that I read contains his opinion, right or wrong, good or bad, on the subject. I'm not saying that's wrong, but it is disingenuous to present yourself as a "news" man. News is what is happening, not what is happening and your biased opinion of it. It just bugs me because he presents such a holier than thou and ultra judgemental persona, as if he is an arbiter of what is moral or ethical in the games universe. He's the Bill O'reilly of this site.

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Alex to Patrick "Stop making so many typos." Patrick "I'm still working on that, but maybe one day I'll proofread my shit."

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Many people become extremely curious about how a famous person died. Examples: Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, John Belushi, Chris Farley, and on and on. It appears to be common for a certain percentage of humans to want to know the cause of a famous persons death. Ryan was a famous figure in this community, so I think its reasonable for a contingent of users to want to know, even if others don't think it's cool or decent.

And I agree with the previous posters who said that talking about obesity on this site should not be considered out of bounds. I think if Ryan had Patrick or Drew's physique he would still be alive.

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I had this same problem and started a thread about it a couple of days ago. I eventually uninstalled and then re installed Chrome and the problem was fixed

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I uninstalled then reinstalled Google Chrome and now it works.

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