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I received my first ColecoVision as a young boy in 1983, the same year the whole industry crashed. Being too young to care, by the time I got my NES in 1986 I was hooked.

I prefer old, nostalgic games to newer games. I own about 200 Nintendo games, with about 1/3 of those with the original box and manual. That said, I also have a soft spot for some of the newer generations as well. I have approximately 300 Playstation 2 games. In all, across all platforms, I probably own about 1000+ games. If fact, the list of awesome classic stuff I own is almost interminable, with many complete-in box SNES games, super rare PSX RPGs, and working video game systems from the liate 1970's that some younger folks have probably never heard of.

I'm no stranger to the current generation, though. I own all three current systems, as well as a DS and a PSP, and I stay on top of most recent releases. Although I tend to stay away from FPS games in general, I would consider my tastes to be wide and varied. Most recently I've been on a big XBLA kick.

I love space shooters, as evidenced by my unexpected but prideful top score in Konami's official Gradius V Score Attack contest. I even named my car after the titular spacecraft.

If you've been around the Internet for a while, you may also know me from a video-game related cartoon I use to make around 2004 called Strategy Guide. While I am no longer producing these, it kind of explores how deep my random video game knowledge goes.