If this doesn't stop, I might be leaving the GiantBomb forums.

So, you guys are aware of the new update that came out a few days ago, no? well it seems that some users are destroying out community. 
First of all, the thread spam. It is ridiculous and so disappointing because the community used to be so calm and laid back and now we have people posting pointless threads/blogs that is annoying the crap out of me. 
Second of all, I have gotten 5 followers today, Yes, 5 of them, and why? for the quest. No longer is it a sign of being a good addition the GiantBomb community but it is now a random number that just determines how many people wanted a quest finished. 
Hopefully this will end soon as I love this site and even if I do leave GiantBomb will still be my homepage, I will still watch all the reviews just no more forums. 
Also a shout out to the mods who I know have been working very hard on keeping GiantBomb safe from spammers. 
Oh and guys, please don't flame me. I said I might leave.


What I think of the new update...

Hey guys, here are my opinions on the update on GiantBomb that introduces the quest system.
So far I am really enjoying it, at first I did not like but after about 30 minutes a was trying very hard to get some new achievements. I think it was a cool edition to the site because I will probably be on even more than I usually am which is always good ^__^
But was it for the worst? I have noticed a bunch of people making pointless blogs with one sentence, making silly threads and doing all other sort of annoying things to get achievements, I just really hope that it stops soon because one thing I love about this site is that there isn't as much spam as other site as I hate spam, so I hope it doesn't start now.
Another thing missing is a leaderboards of levels, as of now it is a bit pointless getting a high level since you are the only one to view it. I am guessing this will come soon after all this craziness goes away.
But like everything in life this update has its pros and cons, so far I am loving it but it depends on the community to make this work and not to spam just to get achievements.
Also,  followers have no meaning now. I got 5 followers that I don't deserve today. People will now just follow random people were as before you followed someone because you were interested in there posts.
Thanks for reading my blog!

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