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No. Most premium content and quick looks are now tainted with Dan. Jeff saved that entire Mario Party video while Dan was just being disruptive. I just don't like that dude, and I don't find him funny.

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Little Busters. Kud Route. Final Destination. You'll be on the floor crying like a bitch by the time it's done with you.

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I like mods. Gun mods, game mods, all kinds of mods.

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  • Put it together your self and feel accomplished. Always good to know the inner workings of the thing you're using.
  • Every PC you build is a custom piece of equipment. You choose it's parts, you put it together, and no one has anything else like it.
  • Games on the PC are pretty good.
  • Putting one together your self is cheaper and more efficient then buying store bought junk.
  • Buy the right parts, and unlike your laptop, it won't sound like a wind tunnel every time you turn it on. (For graphics cards and power supplies, make sure you see multiple positive feedbacks on a piece of equipment that note how "quiet" they are before buying.)
  • Laptops are garbage
  • Apple is over priced

Also you say you're developing for Java, but that platform is hella old, maybe try something else? I actually don't know how relevant Java is in the current computing landscape maybe I'm wrong.

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Tera, be an Elin

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just give the series to brian sanderson already i can't take it anymore

Hi yes, I'm George RR Martin, I am working on finishing the book. But will anyone really care about my next project? Probably not. Once I finish the book I die. No one will remember me. I'll just be "that guy who wrote that really popular series that got a T.V. show that killed off cast members periodically". I wanna write a graphic novel! BUT WILL ANYONE CARE?! NO! NOW I'M GOING TO GO SIT IN A CORNER AND CRY :'C

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@truthtellah: I think how my thinking goes, the few people I've tried to get into anime, it's worked. It's a very small amount of battles I chose and if I decide "Ok I want to get this person into anime.", then I am doing it primarily so they can watch it with me (not literally with me, but on a seasonal basis so I can see their opinions on stuff on twitter, all my relationships are internet based.)

If I'm doing this, then I'm going to try and get them to watch that stuff appeals to me, that I think will also appeal to them. And the stuff that is made for the wider audience doesn't appeal to me at all. Ghibli, Shigeki no Kyoujin, One Piece, I just don't like any of that stuff. There's no value to me personally if someone likes One Piece but then I can't show them something like Accel World or Higurashi or Railgun. Even better is if I can show someone Strike Witches and not have them write it off immediately (it even took me a while to get up the courage to ask my best friend to watch that with me, and he hates fanservice stuff, I would never ask him to watch ecchi, but that show is worth it, all panties aside.)

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@truthtellah: Wrong about what I might ask? If it's about Miyazaki I have citations to back that stuff up.

As for the basics stuff, I kind of don't see the point on starting on any really extreme casual end (Bombcrew aside, I'm talking just people in general). Modern anime isn't any lesser then "older" anime, and in fact modern anime is in some ways entirely different from older stuff (better, in my opinion). I could see the value in maybe picking Lain, but you don't really go from "One Piece" to "Shakugan no Shana". Either you commit to showing someone modern anime, or you stay satisfied they'll never enjoy it, if you show someone Angel Beats and it turns them off from anime, then they aren'tgoing to like any other modern anime.

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@truthtellah said:
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@truthtellah: So the real question here is: When or how are we getting all of them to watch Accel World/Sword Art Online? ;)

ha. Uh, they would need to ease into things. Not sure either of those would ever be on the agenda, but I guess there's always the chance.

Alright so on a more serious note, what would you start with? JP track assumed, no Jojo/Fist of the North Star ect. Released within lets say the last four or five years.

Angel Beats? Fate/Zero?

I'd probably focus on some anime movies(like Ghibli and Satoshi Kon) first and then ease into some classics. I don't know about jumping into more recent stuff unless it's maybe something like Attack on Titan or Mushi-Shi. I could see maybe a little JoJo with Jeff or Dan. They'd probably enjoy One Piece, as well.

Ghibli is.... not even really anime lol. Anime is something entirely different, and that's even putting aside the fact that Miyazaki actively resents real anime, the people who create it, and called the people who voice anime characters prostitutes.

Also god that's a really terribly boring answer. If I had to get someone started with anime by showing them Shingeki, I'd rather they just not watch it :P