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@matatat said:

I really enjoy this game and wish it was a bit more popular. I actually bought a copy of the Xbox One version after I had such a hard time finding matches on PC after the DLC came out and I'd gone back to check it out. Unfortunately I wasn't having much better luck on XBONE. It seems very dependent on what time of day it is when I play.

They changed a lot about how the matchmaking works after the first DLC got released.
Prior to that i also had trouble getting into matches on PC, even getting a vanilla Attrition round could take up to 15 minutes, sometimes during night no rounds would be going at all and getting into the DLC maps (by selecting modes on them) took even longer, sometimes it even had been impossible and you could only play vanilla maps due to a lack of players on the DLC maps.

But since they changed how matchmaking works, it's gotten way better. Now it's matching between regions and expanding the search radius faster, it's also breaking up stacked teams and joining an the vanilla Attrition playlist will still match you into rounds/groups with access to the DLC maps.

Never had to wait longer than a minute to get into a round since then and i actually get to play some of the DLC maps from time to time.
It's what i actually like about this game: Respawn still cares about the problems of the game and is doing a great job fixing them.
The last update falls into the same vain, logged in and had been kind of surprised to see a "blackmarket".

Of course i expected the worst, some kind of real money hook in there, but no real money involved at all. It's basically a system so maxed out players can keep on farming for rare burn cards, neat! Sure they can still add in some real-money transactions into that system, but merely tiering it's release like that wins already a ton of "goodwill" points from me for Respawn.

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@darkstalker said:

@nethlem: sure a lot of corporations only care about the bottom line. How good or bad this is debatable but I don't totally disagree with your statements even though I felt they were slightly ostentatious.

But I think the anger is misdirected by some. It's the companies that sue to get the money from companies smaller than themselves who can afford to fight back not the company doing what they can to prevent that so they can stay in business.

To be clear I'm not pro the changes but I can certainly see why they are happening. It sucks but that's what happens when something turns into big business

There is nothing "debatable" about the negative impact this purely profit-driven behavior has had, and still has, on a lot of peoples lives. Issue being that too few people actually realize those negative consequences for what they are.

As somebody working in healthcare, it sickens me to keep on witnessing how people are left to die because proper medical treatment would be "too expensive". It saddens me how the Internet, an innovation that should have lead to freedom of information and education for everybody, has been perverted into a mere tool of commercialization and disinformation.

Originally the Internet started out as humanities "Memory Alpha" for everything from education to communication on a global scale, all of it open to be accessed by everybody with the technical means.

I can still remember a time when the people on the Internet had been an actual minority. Back then we would exchange and share whatever we created or had, and we'd be happy if other people shared or referenced our work, purely for the sake of sharing. The whole idea of having "money on the Internet" sounded like pure insanity back then.

But thanks to capitalist greed and consumerism, we have turned this place of free exchange and education, into a giant virtual shopping mall, complete with CCTV and security guards.

You can label examples like that (or Fukushima) as "ostentatious" all you want, that doesn't make them any less real.

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@deadlydog: license means permit to use duder.

and I think you should need to get the permission of the person who made something before you use it to help give you monetization.

hating all corporations because their focus is to make money is pretty childish. for something specific they do? sure. but blind hate for the successful is not the answer.

Focusing on money is the actual childish thing to do, too many people have forgotten that money is only a means to an end, that being trade and distribution of goods. Instead money has become the new "God" and corporations are its churches.

People are so driven by greed for money, they've lost all touch with reality. Fukushima is still happily leaking away into the pacific, because there ain't enough "money" to fix that damn mess and that mess is only one of many driven by greed.

"Only after the last tree has been cut down, Only after the last river has been poisoned, Only after the last fish has been caught, Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten."

I couldn't care less about money if the actual essential things would be covered for everybody, food, water, shelter, companionship, humans are simple like that, we don't need much more. And no: You don't need any money to supply these things, like i said before: Money is only a tool and it's certainly not the most essential one.

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@shindig: Actually Britannia has been one of the original culprits as to why we are in this mess in the first place. When Gutenberg invented his printing press, he basically invented the first mass media known to humanity.

Before that it had mostly been Churches who controlled the flow of information, due to their monopoly on having scribes copy books by hand. I also love how that part of the wiki article claims that no elaborate system of censorship existed, just to mention the Index Librorum Prohibitorum (List of Prohibited books) by the pope, in the next sentence. Contradict much?

As a reaction to Gutenberg's press, Churches and Governments all over Europe instigated the idea of an "copyright" and "intellectual property", so they could still control the flow of information.

No this is not some dumb conspiracy theory (i actually wish it would be), it's the actual history of "copyright", even tho it's been heavily muddled over these past centuries.

It's like humanity really wants to fuck up everything good.. every time we discover something amazing new, that could change the whole world for the better, we purposefully sabotage it so a selected few can keep on profiting. Instead of changing or removing obsolete copyright and IP laws, we are trying to change the Internet to abide by them...

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@shindig: Don't wish for stuff that's already happening...

That whole "world wide web" thing started out as something really cool, too bad we are already living in the age of the "regional locked web", due to copyright shenanigans. Kind of ironic that as a German you can use Chinese proxies and still end up with an "less censored Internet" :/

Btw I'm expecting similar results for a lot of Twitch content once that Google acquisition goes over, basically rendering Twitch useless for many German users, unless those users are using a non-German proxy to watch stuff on Twitch.

Issue being that streaming HD videos is something rather traffic and bandwidth intensive, so people will be forced to pay for premium proxies if the still want to enjoy their Twitch entertainment.

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@tooprime said:

Ehh, this game seems fine, but this comment thread is gross. Many games are glorified Skinner Boxes so this is hardly ending video games.

Of course many games are glorified Skinner Boxes, but there is a difference how to go about it. You can use it to make a fun game that immerses the player into something unique, build on an actual creative vision.

Or you can use it to build the equivalent of Farmville, where people click away their lives (or spend away all their disposable income) on something that has no fail-state, no ending, no story and no creative vision besides "how do we make those suckers get addicted to spending time/money with the least amount of effort on our side".

Too many people ignore that this crap has gotten mighty successful, tons of kids grow up on this shallow freemium stuff, while many of them couldn't care less about "proper games" that try to do something actually unique and new.

Personally i don't want a future where "gaming" is merely considered playing freemium stuff on Facebook and iOS devices, yet it feels like we are moving towards exactly that.

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Pretty hilarious of you to literally accuse this company of white supremacy (knowing nothing of the ethnic makeup of their workforce on either continent), while simultaneously insisting that job opportunities should be the exclusive right of "civilized western countries". Also implicit in your statement is the notion that Asian countries aren't civilized countries...

The internet, ain't it a cool thing?

Taking my comment out of context much? You can check the distribution of their job positions on that page, I'm not making anything up. Leads/managers getting recruited from the US and Canada, while everything else gets hired from the cheapest places available, like China, India and Russia.

That company is nothing but an "digital sweatshop" that's churning out freemium crap, produced as cheaply as possible. If that does not remind you of the white supremacy colonialism (outsourcing to places where the work force is much cheaper to "free", like slavery) then I can't help you in any way.

This is an Western company, mostly selling on a Western market, charging Western prices for their products, yet they are only willing to pay their employees cheaper wages according to their place of residence.

I certainly could have used an better word than "civilized western countries", but it's still an applicable term, as not all countries in the Western hemisphere have reached a similar "modern status" in terms of distribution of their economic engines.

Thus my statement says nothing about "Asian countries" at all, as they are part of the Eastern hemisphere of this planet. You are the one instigating that all countries are "the same", when they are not, because there are differences in economic development.

Pointing out that India, China and Russia are pretty much "developing countries" in certain regards, does not make my statement in any way "white supremacist", it's merely economic fact.

I also never claimed that "job opportunities should be exclusive to "civilized western countries", I'm merely arguing for the case of companies supporting their local economies, instead of outsourcing any work of importance into developing countries. In the long run this will only lead to an race to the bottom that's gonna help nobody except huge ass corporations.

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@d_w said:

I don't know why Google thinks they can automate this sort of process.

Because certain countries have "copyright collectives" that sue the shit of anything and anybody who's streaming/sharing/whatever any music/content that's even remotely considered "copyrighted" by them.

One of the worst offenders being the German GEMA, thanks to them half the videos on YouTube are region locked in Germany, otherwise they'd sue the shit out of YouTube/Google.

Thanks to the "GEMA Vermutung" they automatically consider any music to be part of their portfolio, people actually have to provide evidence that GEMA is NOT the rights holder to certain music, until then GEMA is collecting money for said music. Remember Psy's Gangnam style video on YouTube? Millions of views world wide, but it had been locked in Germany as GEMA demanded money from every single video view, even tho they are not the rights holders to any of Psy's music.

To prevent getting the shit sued outta them YouTube has to automate this process, if they''d check any uploaded video by hand, they basically would need the whole Chinese population to have enough manpower to actually do this.

Fun fact: The same crap happening with Google News in Germany. Press publishers lobbied to get a new law passed so Google has to pay German press for showing parts of their news articles on Google news. They argue that Google is making profit off their news articles, now they are demanding that Google pays 3,3-6,3 Billion US Dollars (every year) as compensation, it's pure insanity!

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The thing that people around here might know Glu for is acquiring GameSpy two years ago and subsequently responsible for the unilateral shutdown of the service. But really that's not the bulk of what makes Glu worth looking at. It's their history, their size, and particularly their global spread just looking at the jobs page.

That and out of curiosity I looked at the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood subforum. It's mostly a lot of people asking for help about how to progress or get around an apparent bug. Still, I think after Patrick's fascinating article about the game itself, it might be worth digging in further yourselves for your own benefit.

That jobs page is actually painting a pretty negative picture about that company..

This "global spread" you are seeing, it's actually them recruiting cheap creative talent from India, China and Russia (the actual grunt force of developing), while ignoring talent in their own country (the US). Only their "leads" and "managers" are getting recruited from the US or Canada. Kinda like "white supremacy" as an business model..

To put it into one sentence: That company is basically an "freemium sweatshop", they do not only exploit their potential customers, by building freemium Skinner boxes, they are also outsourcing all the actual work to cheaper countries instead of giving the young talent from their own country a chance.

Companies like these are the reason why the US economy is actually struggling, they reap in huge profits while not actually offering any meaningful employment.

It's the same situation in many civilized western countries, most young creative talent is stuck not getting a job, as companies rather recruit people from developing countries that can do the same work at the fraction of the costs, due to cheaper costs of living in these countries.

Globalization, ain't it a cool thing?

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@spraynardtatum said:

I definitely agree with him that people are dicks about Kim Kardashian. They totally are. She gets under peoples skin.

Because that's her whole intention! Ever heard the saying "There is no such thing as bad PR"? This especially applies to people like Kim Kardashian.

Her sex-tape had not been an "exploitation" of her, it had been calculated media exposure to boost publicity for her reality show. It's cheap and it's shallow, people like this exist in pretty much any society that has any kind of mass media.

It's sad that people consider it an actual "feat" to "win" at the "celebrity game" (whatever that ought to be). When in all reality these people are merely a mirror for how sick most societies have become in modern times. They are only famous for their narcissism, they add nothing to peoples lives besides shallow entertainment based on envy, faked companionship and the ancient principle of "sex sells".

While at the same time billions of other people are doing actually good and useful things for other people on a daily basis, yet they never get the attention or reward they'd actually deserve for acting in such selfless ways.