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@spraynardtatum said:

@hermes: Yes it is....Is something not being shown that can be shown elsewhere? Is it being censored to avoid offending people? It's censorship!

It's not the worst censorship ever but it's certainly stupid!

Imagine I'd be going around the GB forums insulting and doxxing you, while at the same time sharing links to piracy sites where people can download games for free.

In response to that i would get my account banned and my comments removed/edited. Ain't that also censorship? If not: Why not?!

And do you realize the hypocrisy of complaining about "censorship" on private marketplaces, like iTunes, while at the same time fighting sites, like The Pirate Bay, for their "lack of censorship"?

iTunes is a "walled garden" for a reason, just like XBL and PSN are walled gardens, if you want to offer your content inside these gardens, you gotta abide by their rules. If you don't want to abide by these rules, you can always self-publish, but you won't be reaching the markets inside those walled gardens.

If you consider that "censorship" then i have really difficult news for you: Censorship is everywhere!

pornography: Sexually explicit pictures, writing, or other material whose primary purpose is to cause sexual arousal.

Apple doesn't know what pornography is.

And what is exactly "sexually explicit"?! You do realize this ain't as clear cut as you make it sound to be? On German TV we have ads that would easily qualify as "pornography" to many bible-humping US Americans who can't even stand the sight of a female nipple.

Heck there's even a pretty famous case on the United States Supreme Court regarding this issue, coining the famous phrase "I know it when I see it".

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@scb360 said:

Damn Patrick how quick did you get back from SF? I mean didnt you leave yesterday? No rest for the wicked huh?

All he needs to do his "work" is a Laptop and an Internet connection. So if he wants to, he could do his "work" while sitting in any Starbucks :P

Too bad that still does not prevent him from getting it wrong so damn often..
The players ability to screen people has not been removed and they still show up "semi-naked" (as in wearing underwear).

What actually has been removed, has been the option to display them "fully naked".

Also what does "most notably" mean in this context? What are the other changes, which are "not so notably"?!

This isn't the first time Patrick has done this, and i doubt it will be the last time, but imho it's dragging GB as a news source down. I expect articles like that from Gawker outlets, not from GB where people are supposed to know their shit.

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@wolfgame: Imho it has already had it's influence on Giantbomb as an community, in an not so pleasant way.

Just gonna point you to the comments on the GBeast Shadow of Mordor playdate. People there seriously demanded the game to be getting more "flak" for how it handled the protagonists wife, as that: A wife.
They didn't care about the game, it's mechanics, it's actual fun value, they only cared about being offended by a women being depicted as a wife and dying.
Of course that's not the most innovative and awesome storytelling ever, but what in modern media actually is? That's the actual issue here! Instead it's all being turned into some kind of "gender specific" issue for the sake of some obscurely defined "gender correctness".

Yes, equality is an important topic without doubt, but it's important to combat inequality in actual reality and not trying to look for it in a controlled virtual reality.
I consider video games art and as such a mirror of our culture, if our culture adapts then so will our arts and thus video games.
Trying to force change the other way around, that's pretty much the same as indoctrination, with our arts and media serving as propaganda.

I neither want to live in such a world nor do i believe it would fix the actual issue.

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I'm only pointing out what's happening, it's not my fault these two events are clearly connected. How is that "vocally promoting it"?
But shedding some light on that connection will enable people to better understand whats going on here, because there is an actual connection.
Only few people realize it, but this PC/third wave feminism has already been around for a while in countries like Sweden/Germany, it looks like now it's gone global.

I prefer actual debate/education to simply pretending "it does not exist" or demanding that it's removed from the public, i also really like that response petition :P
Would love to see those so called "feminists" pick an actual fight, like with an well established mainstream religion, instead of picking on easy targets from sub-cultures, like videogames and gamers.

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Just when i thought this Gamergate crap finally started to cool off, now this...
This third wave feminism, represented by the likes of Anita Sarkeesian, is gonna eat itself and maybe all of us before that...

That's the only reason this had any success at all, Target didn't want to be the victim of another Femnazi shitstorm, even tho the very same game has already been out (and sold) for over a year.
Behold the power of Feminists, they gonna send a swarm of angry white knights and prepubescent girls after you, with their magic Twitter powers!

At least we got something funny out of this, this response petition. Somehow I doubt it's gonna be taken as seriously, even tho it probably should be taken even more seriously than all this "videogames are sexist and gamers are virgin misogynists" trite.

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@uranium said:

That's just a matter of whether the economy is done well or not though. If prices fluctuate constantly on bitcoin-levels it just means the developers created the market systems badly.

In EVE Online (the only game I cant think of with a similar economy) the prices of things stabilise pretty quick and stay roughly the same barring major changes (a patch suddenly making a certain ship/item way better etc.).

That's because CCP employs economists who observe and tweak the EVE economy to prevent things like hyperinflation, pretty interesting stuff:

"We function as a national economics institute, statistics office and central bank giving advice to government, with the government being the developers and us being the monitoring authority."

It's actually not that much different from our "real" economies, which are also "player driven" ;)

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Also, someone mentioned that one of the redeeming virtues of Origin and Uplay is that it provides Steam with competition. Competition in the market place only works when it compels a company to improve so that it can stay ahead of its competitor’s innovation, Origin and Uplay are not innovators, they wanted to create a DRM system they could control and act as a venue to promote new products.

It’s a shame really because Steam is an old, creaking system with notable flaws, but both Ubisoft and EA are missing their opportunity to really take the fight to Steam. Personally I think that Steam will always retain the advantage because it is a games vendor first, and its business relies on listening to its customers (a little bit).

Steam also started out as "just an DRM system for control", it needed time and most importantly an community, to get where it's at today.
Without an community supporting any of the "innovations" that Origin and Uplay offer it's gonna be pretty hard for them to "outinnovate" Steam, they first have to get at least competitive.
And they are trying different stuff, like i explained before: EA giving out free copies of Battlefield 3 (and many other games) on Origin has actually been a pretty good deal
Uplay offers an actual reward structure behind it's achievements, by giving out in-game items for achievement points, something i doubt will every be possible on Steam.

Steam will be a mainstay for the foreseeable future just alone because of the "headstart" it had, it basically invented the whole sector of "digital distribution", when nobody thought this ever possible. But both Origin and Uplay have come a long way since their original releases, and they will keep on improving. Blizzards is also out there, hardly noticed because it mostly "works", while not really "innovating" that much.

Btw: If Valve would actually be listening to it's customers, then we'd all be playing Half Life 3 by now ;)

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You want to know what I'm angry about? That Ubisoft has said absolutely fucking nothing on the matter. Games suddenly get pulled. Gamers (rightly so) assume Ubisoft is doing the greediest shit they possibly could, and when Ubisoft isn't telling anyone what's going, we're going to assume the worst is true. What the hell are you supposed to believe, other than what we can assume from precedents, when fucking nothing comes from the top? The assumption was that Ubisoft, in a lazy, suicidal attempt to make more money, had decided to pull its latest games from Steam in order to force people to buy their games at premium prices (for UK) on a shitty garbage service like Uplay, and give the consumers absolutely no benefits or gains in return. Since Ubisoft hasn't said a peep about anything, even on the subject of the games being available again, that sounds like a fucking good assumption.

Don't call me angry over nothing. That kind of response is what I'd expect coming from Ubisoft PR.

According to earlier user-comments the pre-order availability of Ubisoft games on Steam has been wonky before in the UK, could also be that's it's been wonky in pretty much every territory.
Ubisoft already commented on this whole occurrence to PCGamesN, by saying this is the case for "for the time being". That's what patrick wrote this piece about, which also includes HIS speculation that Ubisoft games might never ever be available on Steam in the future.

For all purpose and effect patrick asked Ubisoft for a statement on his overblown interpretation of their earlier statement, is that really how journalism works?
And i still think you are angry over pretty much nothing, nobody is being forced to pay insane prices on Uplay.
Currently you can preorder AC:Unity for like 24€ and FC4 for like 30€, just remember that you don't have to preorder trough Uplay OR Steam
There are other place on the internet to buy "games" on, after all the only thing you actually need is a key.
Digital distribution still offers the joys of looking for deals, just like buying games at retail, most people just don't know/care because they got this perverse "Steam convenience"syndrome.

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@majortoms: Oh please put down your rose colored glasses, I've been there too you know? People generally hate change, back then Steam meant change. People have been very skeptical and the user-experience varied across the board, down to being outright bad, due to hardware constraints.

Fact being: Without having users on it Steam would never have improved, same holds true to pretty much and large scale application of that kind.

@parsnip said:

@imallinson said:

@parsnip: I doubt this is anything to do with GAME on account of them still recovering from going into administration, I don't think they have any weight to throw around in that respect. Also it doesn't make much sense why they were temporarily unavailable in other territories. If I had to guess I'd say its some dispute with Valve over the revenue they take from sales on Steam.

My guess is that someone pressed the wrong button at the office.

I don't know anything about GAME, that's just what some UK people told me. They don't have to throw their weight around if there's a deal in place from before. But I'm just saying that it's not a new thing in that territory specifically.

When comments replace the actual article!

The original PCGames article, which patrick is referencing, seems to have the right angle on all of this: pricing.

Imho Ubisoft wants to push it's Uplay userbase and revenue by making digital pre-order/launch sales more exclusive to Uplay. Notice how the original Ubisoft statement says "for the time being", Ubisoft never released anything even hinting at the possibility of making all their future game releases exclusive to Uplay in the long-term.

Only patrick came up with the questionable conclusion, which at this point seems to have spiraled way out of control, lot's of angry people over basically nothing.