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Kind of a bad time for an GPU upgrade, especially such an minor one.
Like previously mentioned: AMD is gonna release new cards soon, this usually means a pretty heavy price shift on the market, many people selling their old cards to buy a new one.
If you are still looking for an upgrade i'd go the cheapest route possible, that'd probably be an 970.
Just make sure not to buy a new one, check ebay/craiglist for used ones, as many people have been selling their 970 over that whole 3,5 GB Vram debacle.

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Tbh some hunters around here sound like they are not very good. I've played nearly 20 hours as monster exclusively against hunter bots. The Wraith is pretty much the weakest in that scenario, due to it's low health and the bots being able to see/shoot you even trough multiple levels of foliage at range, and having a magic fifth sense for finding you even when you left no tracks at all.

It's the monster with the lowest HP/Armor, meaning that even a small misstep leads to you losing HP (Just getting hit by that airstrike once, will already slash your armor by a third) which can't be regenerated short of being lucky enough to find an elite Tyrant for the HP regen. I won't even get started on people claiming "XYZ does no damage to Wraith", because that's pure hyperbole, the Wraith is pretty much the glass cannon of the monsters. Everything does more damage to it compared to other monsters, due to it's small HP/Armor pool.

It has no ranged attacks, meaning you will always be forced to get into close range and suffer some damage when fighting. Pretty much all of it's abilities can easily be avoided, as long as you are being mindful about your jetpack fuel.

Abduction is buggy as hell, not hitting half the time because a small piece of level geometry being in the way. Warp Blast and Supernova can easily be dodged, that does not even go into the fuckery of being harpooned while charging for a Warp Blast. There is also no way to cancel out of the Warp Blast to slash the harpoon, so you will be stuck doing an 3 meters Warp Blast doing zero damage and wasting your cooldown.

Even decoy is pretty easy to dodge/figure out, as the decoy flashes white when hit, it also got nerfed over these past weeks, disabling the decoy cloak when dashing.

Overall the Kraken feels way more rounded, it has the range, it has the damage, it does not suffer from comically low HP/armor and it's Banshee Mines are not only the longest range monster weapon, they also home in on targets and can pretty much be spammed.

The last thing any dev should do is listen to the most vocal minority of their playerbase, without taking actual data into the consideration.

The game pretty much just got released, most people are still busy unlocking classes and figuring out how to actually play them, what combinations are most viable against certain monster and so on. But instead of going trough that learning curve and figuring out how the game works, people are already crying for nerfs instead of actually learning about the game.

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I like Abe and Bucket as a combo, since Bucket is good at initially finding the monster and Abe can keep track with his dart. The game says any wildlife the monster eats that has the dart in it will also mark the monster, but I assume you can only have 5 darts out at a time, so the likelihood of the monster eating one of those 5 animals seems low and kinda pointless. Val shouldn't have a better stun than Maggie and Griffin. I didn't play it today partly because I was busy, but also because I didn't want to be bothered with the Wraith, which is a bad sign.

Well you are assuming wrong about Abe's darts, you can have an unlimited number of them out and they last until the round is over. That's why it's important to actually play and understand the game, instead of merely demanding blanket nerfs..

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Kind of a weird weapon. 7 durability, but can be infinitely repaired. Worth getting and throwing in your bag, for sure.

I just picked this up but I do not see an option to repair it. My durability shows 6/7, does it require a special resource to repair it? I'm playing on the PC.

The whole joke about the sword being that it cant be repaired. But if you revisit the spot where you picked it up, you can find the blueprint to craft the sword from materials.

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Because Valve's Economist-in-Residence, Yanis Varoufakis, is now busy saving Greece as its new Minister of Finance!
Looking forward to lots of hat exports and Greek trading cards!

Fun aside, the guy seems to know his shit:

Really interesting times we are living in o_O

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@spraynardtatum said:

@hermes: Yes it is....Is something not being shown that can be shown elsewhere? Is it being censored to avoid offending people? It's censorship!

It's not the worst censorship ever but it's certainly stupid!

Imagine I'd be going around the GB forums insulting and doxxing you, while at the same time sharing links to piracy sites where people can download games for free.

In response to that i would get my account banned and my comments removed/edited. Ain't that also censorship? If not: Why not?!

And do you realize the hypocrisy of complaining about "censorship" on private marketplaces, like iTunes, while at the same time fighting sites, like The Pirate Bay, for their "lack of censorship"?

iTunes is a "walled garden" for a reason, just like XBL and PSN are walled gardens, if you want to offer your content inside these gardens, you gotta abide by their rules. If you don't want to abide by these rules, you can always self-publish, but you won't be reaching the markets inside those walled gardens.

If you consider that "censorship" then i have really difficult news for you: Censorship is everywhere!

pornography: Sexually explicit pictures, writing, or other material whose primary purpose is to cause sexual arousal.

Apple doesn't know what pornography is.

And what is exactly "sexually explicit"?! You do realize this ain't as clear cut as you make it sound to be? On German TV we have ads that would easily qualify as "pornography" to many bible-humping US Americans who can't even stand the sight of a female nipple.

Heck there's even a pretty famous case on the United States Supreme Court regarding this issue, coining the famous phrase "I know it when I see it".

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@scb360 said:

Damn Patrick how quick did you get back from SF? I mean didnt you leave yesterday? No rest for the wicked huh?

All he needs to do his "work" is a Laptop and an Internet connection. So if he wants to, he could do his "work" while sitting in any Starbucks :P

Too bad that still does not prevent him from getting it wrong so damn often..
The players ability to screen people has not been removed and they still show up "semi-naked" (as in wearing underwear).

What actually has been removed, has been the option to display them "fully naked".

Also what does "most notably" mean in this context? What are the other changes, which are "not so notably"?!

This isn't the first time Patrick has done this, and i doubt it will be the last time, but imho it's dragging GB as a news source down. I expect articles like that from Gawker outlets, not from GB where people are supposed to know their shit.

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@wolfgame: Imho it has already had it's influence on Giantbomb as an community, in an not so pleasant way.

Just gonna point you to the comments on the GBeast Shadow of Mordor playdate. People there seriously demanded the game to be getting more "flak" for how it handled the protagonists wife, as that: A wife.
They didn't care about the game, it's mechanics, it's actual fun value, they only cared about being offended by a women being depicted as a wife and dying.
Of course that's not the most innovative and awesome storytelling ever, but what in modern media actually is? That's the actual issue here! Instead it's all being turned into some kind of "gender specific" issue for the sake of some obscurely defined "gender correctness".

Yes, equality is an important topic without doubt, but it's important to combat inequality in actual reality and not trying to look for it in a controlled virtual reality.
I consider video games art and as such a mirror of our culture, if our culture adapts then so will our arts and thus video games.
Trying to force change the other way around, that's pretty much the same as indoctrination, with our arts and media serving as propaganda.

I neither want to live in such a world nor do i believe it would fix the actual issue.

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I'm only pointing out what's happening, it's not my fault these two events are clearly connected. How is that "vocally promoting it"?
But shedding some light on that connection will enable people to better understand whats going on here, because there is an actual connection.
Only few people realize it, but this PC/third wave feminism has already been around for a while in countries like Sweden/Germany, it looks like now it's gone global.

I prefer actual debate/education to simply pretending "it does not exist" or demanding that it's removed from the public, i also really like that response petition :P
Would love to see those so called "feminists" pick an actual fight, like with an well established mainstream religion, instead of picking on easy targets from sub-cultures, like videogames and gamers.

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Just when i thought this Gamergate crap finally started to cool off, now this...
This third wave feminism, represented by the likes of Anita Sarkeesian, is gonna eat itself and maybe all of us before that...

That's the only reason this had any success at all, Target didn't want to be the victim of another Femnazi shitstorm, even tho the very same game has already been out (and sold) for over a year.
Behold the power of Feminists, they gonna send a swarm of angry white knights and prepubescent girls after you, with their magic Twitter powers!

At least we got something funny out of this, this response petition. Somehow I doubt it's gonna be taken as seriously, even tho it probably should be taken even more seriously than all this "videogames are sexist and gamers are virgin misogynists" trite.