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Hey Duders, I'll be there all three days.

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You should be able to search for "bomb" and it's the only one that comes up.

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@corevi said:

Should have been called Charmingly Garrulous.

Or "uh uh uh uh"

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Feel free to join, duders.

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I think we should unite with Jeff's club.

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Looking for a code for Xbox One.

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  • OS: Windows 8 (Surface Pro)
  • Browser: Chrome
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Type Of Player: All but YouTube
  • Adblock: On
  • Specific Problem: When full screen, I can't get the bottom controls to pop-up by touching or dragging my finger around the screen. I have to fold my keyboard out and use my touchpad to move the mouse cursor to get the controls to pop up.

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Aw, poor Defense Grid. That game is fucking great (obviously if you hate tower defense then you hate tower defense) but yeah, putting Defense Grid out there like this does it no favors other than invite a lot of unnecessary snark its way. I could care less that there are better games on PS+ if the best argument people are putting forth is just shitting on Defense Grid. Here's a better way to do it:

While this is certainly a start, clearly PS+ is more of a robust service that has some killer games this month.

To be fair, if you look over the course of PS+, a lot of those games and months are questionable in my mind so it's only recently that PS+ has added some great games that made that service worth getting.

I agree completely. Defense Grid is a great game, and Hidden Path is a fantastic studio. It bums me out that people are shitting all over this great game because they want better free stuff.

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