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maybe its just the accent but the bald guy in the consolevania vid really sounds like that indenpendant charles show thing off xbox live? or maybe its some one else he sounds familiar though...

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right at the end of mgs 1 when grey fox (ninja) turns up and sacrifices himself so u can take down metal gear rex 
" were not tools of the goverment snake or anybody else" 
srsly gives me goosebumps just thinking about it. Best moment in any game ever!!!
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itrs an easy game to pick up and play but to get to a point where u are competitive in the online it will take weeks, Just pick a character and stick to it and itll all start to make sense after a while and try not to take a bite out of ur controller in the meantime!
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@hedfone: sorry mate i'm neither new or a fag try again

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yep what u gonna do?
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wtf sorry i dont remeber pissing on your chips?  
if it didnt make u lol then sorry no need to be so sour.
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i'mup  way too late as usual and saw this, thought some other peeps may enjoi it as much as i did!
D double E - street fighter riddim 
if anyone can embed it i would greatly appreciate it

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i ride my bike to work eveyday andhate  every second of it. 
damn i need a car...
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 they are not all that good, they leave u very groggy come morning time. 
try exercise that worked for me
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i think i will be kinda bad if mlg took on sf because like eveyone keeps saying, thats where all the money would be so thats were all the top players are going to compete, stopping new blood comming through and if my sf history is right isnt that what killed it of last time?