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I joined in NA East as newhatter.

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I am on the East coast. I typically play on weekend mornings or late in the evening on weekdays. I am not stellar at multiplayer shooters - hoping to get into this one.

GT: JayWaltz

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Greatness awaits.

PSN: newhatter

Timezone: Eastern US

Launch Games: AC4, Knack, Killzone, PS+ Games, and Super Motherload

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Let me know if you add me, and I will do the same.

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Thanks everybody. Certainly keep the suggestions coming, but I definitely have a good base to start with now.

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@rentfn: Wow. That is pretty gosh darn generous of you!

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@FritzDude: Civ V is definitely on my radar. Missed the Steam sale, though, for which I am now kicking myself.

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@ArtisanBreads: Thanks for the reply. I am a little intimidated by the RTS genre, to be honest. TBS is probably more my thing - so I may have to check out Total War.

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Hey Everybody,

I built a PC this week, and I am ready to put it through its paces. I was hoping that some of you could suggest some "must play" titles. Some background: I have been exclusively playing on consoles for the last decade or so, as I have not had a computer capable of running anything remotely modern. I built this machine not only because consoles are starting to show their age graphically, but also because it seems like you can get some really unique experiences on the PC. So, what are those experiences? Great simulations? Great RPGs? Great anything that uses a mouse as its primary means of control? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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