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It seems that a lot of people here go UGHHHHH when facing a Blanka, but what I'm curious about is what character are you least threatened by.  What character do you say HAH! This will be easy peasy lemon squeezy!
Personally whenever I see someone pick Guy I'm never really threatened

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@mnzy said:
" I think playing online is like public transportation. You are all strangers doing the same thing. Now if your first encounter with somebody is negative, like somebody hits you while walking by or online, he plays Blanka, you judge them and think "idiot". Which you probably do with alot of strangers: judging prematurely, it's human.  Now if it is positive, like the guy sitting next to you listens to your favourite band on his ipod or you getting a good message after a match, you bond with the stranger. All that while others look at you and think: "idiot". "
LOL exactly man.  As for me its 50 50 ill send a gg msg if it was a great match and ill never be the first to send hate.  In fact most hate msgs i get r from other vegas who ONLY do flying barcelona attacks ( which i think is gay and is why vega gets such a bad rap) and depending on how annoying they were ill either just ignore it or send hate back.  Bottom line there r cool and shitty people out there, mostly shitty, and its only a matter of time until u run into one of them and get hate mail.
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Used to be Ryu for me but after facing a million of them u can tell wat kind of game they're gonna play within the first round.  
But yeah BLANKA!!!
Also Gens that know what theyre doing and RUFUS fuck that fat fuck