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I guess I didn't look very thoroughly but I'm having this problem as well. Sorry about the duplicate thread.

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Could one of the mods change the box art back to the proper version, please? It got changed to the terrible one again just before the site change and I can't find the Set Thumbnail button on the new site.

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I don't know which of you barbarians put the atrocious American box art as the default image AGAIN, but I fixed it. Must remain vigilant against bad taste.

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More of this.

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If I press an arrow key, up or down, as I read text, it jumps all the way to the bottom of the page where the comments are. I would like to just scroll incrementally like old times.

I'm assuming this is a bug.

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It's also worth noting the character on the game box art is Jeanette, not Therese. Seems rather silly that this of all characters should not be allowed her own page.

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Seconded. I suggested this as well a while back and othershavesince, but as I recall there was no response beyond a few others going: yes/agreed

For the wiki to really reach its full potential you *need* to be able to search for multiple things at the same time like:

isometric + resistance + totalitarian government + elephants = Little Big Adventure

fictional language + aliens + open world + navy seals = Outcast

RPG + prison colony + magic + mine = Gothic

And so on. Giant Bomb staff, if you are reading this, please make this happen.

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Again though since their connections (Friends, Enemies, Concepts) differ wildly it would significantly reduce clarity if you relegate Jeanette to a sub-section on Therese's page. Also, while players should obviously read plot-sections at their own risk it might be nice to avoid having massive spoilers as the first thing you see (like pictures of Jeanette on Therese's page). One size fits all "it's the rules" is not always the best approach.

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I don't know who marked this page for Deletion by changing the title to "Delete", but I really think this character page should be kept intact. The intention seems to be to merge the Jeanette and Therese Voerman pages but this is a pretty huge spoiler for one thing and it could reasonably be argued that the two are separate characters (with different personalities and different friends and enemies) despite inhabiting the same body. I strongly urge you to change the title back and leave this page as it was.