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but I'm not the biggest Kojima fan lately.

sounds like a personal problem!

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Digital Only here unless you ordered from Amazon or Club Namco.

I did the latter and I got my preorder DLC code for Yoshikage Kira, but no indication yet if my game has actually shipped or not. The wait continues!

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Patrick with a list like this how is A Link Between Worlds going to with GotY?!

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Nintendo suggested it be $55, but Gamestop pretty much said FORGET THAT and was charging $60 for it

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I realize this topic is nearly 3 months old so you guys probably know the answers to these questions by now....but just in case!

It's coming out in both physical and digital formats. Digital will be next week on the 20th while the physical release won't be until October 4th.

It'll be $50 normally, however there is a $60 limited edition that comes with a Ganondorf figurine, but to my understanding that's already sold out pretty much.

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you forgot to mention the Wind Waker HD bundle launching September 20th. They're releasing the digital version sooner than the retail version. It'll also be $300

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oh wait :( :( :( :(

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I feel starting over with a brand new developer wouldn't have been the right move. Yukes finally got it right with WWE 13 and I want to see what they can do with that from here.

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Lego City Undercover and Castlevania in March oh manz

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Vita Killer App

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