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I can't wait for a new Fire Emblem!

The Latest Title in the Fire Emblem Series" (probably not an official title)

This is Nintendo we're talking about, the people who named their consoles Wii U and New 3DS and New Super Mario Brothers. It wouldn't surprise if that was the actual title.

The game is called Fire Emblem If in Japan, that's pretty weird too.

It makes me think it'll be like Shin Megami Tensei If... where it's an alternate timeline of a previous game. In this case I'm guessing it'll be an alternate storyline for Awakening since they're using the same style.

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Just got back from Gamestop with my Majora's Mask New 3DS Preorder

Just a heads up each store isn't getting an individual shipment, they're drawing from an online stock and you have to pay in full and it gets shipped directly to your house.

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That GotY Bayonetta 2

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bought a PS4 specifically for this game

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That's pretty badass. I still feel like Captain Falcon would've been a better choice, but at least we get his ride.

especially considering the Blue Falcon is going to be a kart in one of the DLC packs as well as an F-Zero stage

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Can't wait! Played every KH game up to this point so I think I'm one of those few who's up to date and understands where the story is at this point.

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but I'm not the biggest Kojima fan lately.

sounds like a personal problem!

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Digital Only here unless you ordered from Amazon or Club Namco.

I did the latter and I got my preorder DLC code for Yoshikage Kira, but no indication yet if my game has actually shipped or not. The wait continues!

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Patrick with a list like this how is A Link Between Worlds going to with GotY?!