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Hitman Absolution Review 0

Hitman Absolution is the newest point in the Hitman series. It continues in the series with having fun stealth mechanics and improvements on the genre as a whole. The story is also one of the most ridiculous and funny stories out there too. That does not mean that the game is without it's own faults. It becomes obvious that if IO Interactive just made some small changes to some of the games most glaring problems that it would be a much better game to play through.In Absolution, you play as Agent...

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The Walking Dead brings life to a grim world 0

You are in a room with a small number of strangers. You have been trying to make sense of what has been happening along with trying to survive the dangers that is in the present. There is tension in the room while everyone waits for a decision to be made. You are looked upon to speak your voice. But, no matter what you say, your choice will bring a fate worse than death to someone in your group, without you being able to do anything. And the only reason you want to continue living this life is t...

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Halo 4: The Chief is Back 0

When Halo 3 was one of those games which can be considered the full package of everything that you want in a game. An awesome story which ended that trilogy, competitive and cooperative multiplayer, a whole bunch of multiplayer options like the theater and forge. Bungie made a game which at the time you knew was a modern masterpiece. Since then, Bungie has left Microsoft and the Halo license with it. 343 Industries has since been made the Halo studio with Halo 4 being their start. With a lofty g...

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XCOM: Enemy Unkown makes itself a known great game! 0

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a turn based strategy game where you are trying to defend the Earth from aliens. It offers an interesting premise with an addictive gameplay system similar to games like chess, along with making difficult decisions of which countries to protect or making the decision to use your limited resources to make a gun versus building a new aircraft to protect the Earth from invaders. Not only are the risks high, the rewards of nailing a low percentage headshot or surviving a terro...

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Borderlands 2="More"derlands 2 0

Borderlands 2 is a FPS RPG that is a sequel from 2009′s Borderlands. It takes everything the original Borderlands does, and makes incremental improvements but doesn’t change enough to make it a revolutionary game. It is a very safe sequel that continues to have many of the problems that the original had.How does Borderlands 2 play?The main gameplay of Borderlands 2 is a first person shooter. You use some regular types of guns like pistols, assault rifles, shotguns and other guns but each gun is ...

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Rock Band Blitz is a forte for rhythm games! 0

Rock Band Blitz (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 [reviewed])Developer: Harmonix Music SystemsPublisher: Harmonix Music SystemsReleased: August 28, 2012MSRP: $14.99 (1200 Microsoft Points)Rock Band Blitz is a rhythm game by the people who have brought you the other Rock Band games. Although it shares the title of “Rock Band”, it has a very different way of being played. Instead of using plastic guitars and drums, you just use your regular Xbox 360 or PS3 controller. This might sound confusing but it is f...

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Mark of the Ninja makes it's Mark! 0

Have you ever wanted to have the power of a tank while hiding in the shadows. How about the ability to inflict terror on your enemies with relative ease. In the stealth, action game, Mark of the Ninja, you will be able to accomplish these things plus more.Mark of the Ninja is a new game to come out on the Xbox Live Marketplace. The premise of Mark of the Ninja is very interesting and helps provide context for how you will play the game. In it, you play as a no-name ninja who must protect his cla...

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Mass Effect 3 Review 0

Mass Effect 3 is the latest entry in the Mass Effect series. It has a lot of expectations to meet as many people have considered Mass Effect 2 one of the best games for this generation. If you have played the first 2 games then there is no reason why you should not finish the trilogy, and even though it is a great game, you can not help but feel disappointed.Mass Effect 3 takes cues from most modern shooters. They improve the shooting and introduce rolling, like you would in the Gears of War gam...

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More of the same may not be bad 0

Call of Duty is one of those franchises that people easily love it or hate it. This years iteration of the series will not change anyone’s opinions about the game. The game itself is more of the same, and that may be a good thing if that is what you are looking for in a game.The COD gameplay sticks to a familiar formula from the past games. You will be aiming down the sights and throwing grenades and pretty much everything else from past games. The gameplay is fast and reaction based compared to...

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