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Looking forward to the PC version of this game sooooooo much.

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This is going to be a movie I'm going to rent from netflix. I'll be too embarrassed to see it in the theater and even go to blockbuster to rent it.

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I'm so happy I never got a Wii.

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Ok ok, games have been around since the early 70's with Pong. So 40 years total since the earliest game. So 2-3 years compared to 40 is relatively recent.

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I don't really understand what the deal is. It's been happening for a few years now.

"This game is going to run on this engine, as is this game"

It does not matter which game engine the game comes out on it depends on the developer. Why is not the developer advertised more? Shouldn't the developer be advertised more then a game engine? I could take a dump and put it in a dvd case and slap the Unreal Engine logo on it but it does not make it a good game.

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DARKIDO07 said:
"Couldn't tell you I played about 7 matches and not one was Conquest."
You have to go to custom match then select conquest mode instead of gold rush.

So far I really like the mode. Everything is pretty cramped up but those are the maps I like the most. So I basically I got a bunch of redone maps put together exactly how I like them. Obviously not everyone likes this iteration but to me it's just about perfect.