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I'm having this problem too. I'm going to try another controller and see if that helps.

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no. you can't. ;-;

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Maybe I'm misinterpreting the sale, but it says $15 off. Right below it says become a premium member for $35/year. But the price at the bottom of the page and at checkout is still $49.95. Previous sales were $35 with no t-shirt/credit. Normal price was always $49.95 with a t-shirt/credit.

Is the $15 store credit now the sale?

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If you actually care about transparency in the media, why would you continue to align yourself with a hate movement? Start a new movement and let GG crawl back to the cesspool it came from.

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I feel bad realizing it, but most of Patrick's stuff.

Worth playing I have no specific criticism of other than I don't know what's in it until I'm watching it. If the deck had the games that were featured I'd be more inclined to click.

Worth reading was initially a lot of links to videos and indie games, I don't know if it's still that. It's good, valuable, etc. I just don't want to parse a round-up.

I appreciate Spookin with Scoops. But I don't like horror games.

I didn't want to watch Spelunky or Binding of Issac every day, forever.

Also anything that's straight up DOTA. I don't get or enjoy the genre. I feel like Brad should do a how to play or at least how to understand DOTA video.

Never listened to 8-4, so I don't really have any fair criticism.

I try to catch up with Bombin in the AM, but I wish the production values were better. Mostly audio quality, video is whatever.

To be more positive:

Alt+F1 and the Powerbombcast got me into their respective things, and those are some of my favorite content.

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I want to buy this game but I know it'll get a price cut sooner than later. I feel like a bad person.

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I used MNJG7CQUCL2X4J35GEB7. Thanks!

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I'd very much appreciate a PC or Xbone code. :D

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I'm disappointed in everyone for liking The Last of Us. It's a bad game guys. Maybe it's a fine movie, but it's a bad video game.