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Hasnt come out yet, so we'll see how it turns out. But mine would be Dragon Age. I love Mass Effect but I would have liked Bioware to keep Dragon Age II in the style of its predeccesor. It was cool to have two styles of RPGs, I'm a bit affraid its gonna be two Mass Effect style games, one SciFi, the other Fantasy.

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Dragon Age is Awesome, playing it right now. Others: VVVVV, Plants VS Zombies, The Witcher, Tales of Monkey Island, the 3 Sam and Max Seasons,.....

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I might give Two Worlds II a shot. The first was terrible but this could be better, waiting for the reviews first though.

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Why not go even further then that if thats your plan. The Hotspot used to be pretty cool.

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I dont get into them as much as in the SNES/N64 days. Maybe its because I can now afford to buy more of them, so I only spend around a week per game, maybe its because on average there's less content (not counting stuff like Dragon Age offcourse). But I cant amagine spending months on a game like I used to. I played Ocarina Of Time like 6 times in a row discovering every nook and cranny. That was even before I spoke a word of english, so I didnt even get anything from it storywise.

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I guess I'l sub when paypal becomes available. If finding adds for podcasts is such a problem though, I dont get why they don't just give the whole thing out for download for non-subscribers after a week, but force you to listen to it on a feed directly from the site the first week. That way they can moniter the times people actually listen to the podcast, and so, get adds to put up at the start.(Dont know if thats even possible, not a tech kinda guy, just something that popped on my mind..)

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@FlyingRat:  Simple, the community created most of this site.
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 Wonder what they'll do with the special editions (e.g. Bioware, Capcom, most importantly GOTY edition). Also, its been a while, but those short day to day GDC podcasts they did last year would be stupid if you had to wait a week. Hella stupid if they'd split that up in two (LoL 2,5 minute podcasts). I get why they do it, not everyone on the site cares about adds, not everyone needs higer resolution videos, but most love the Bombcast. Its a shitty move, but its the best bargaining chim they have. Its a business, to let it grow a constant revenue stream is needed, just dont BS by saying its a "partnership" with your viewers. Users litterally made 80 percent of this site, now thats probably mostly done, "our" input is gonna be money. Why else would you think this fee comes along now, and not two years ago....

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What are they doing with Bombcast "special editions"? Like the Bioware's, Capcoms of the world, and most importantly, the Huge GOTY Edition. Seems a bit stupid that stuff like those 5 minute daily GDC casts, that they would go up a week later.
My comment on the subscription, I can understand why their doing it, they want their company to grow and what better way to to it then with a constent revenue stream. I do think its BS that they want to "partner" with the community just for the sake of it. Adds are unreliable after all, they might get allot of offers now that the release season is starting, but in June-August....probably not so much.(If your keeping it focused on games anyway) Just come out and say you want your site to grow, and being sure X amount of money comes in lets you do that.
One last thing, I think they should keep the bombcast the way it is, as pointed out, a split of information splits the community, also, ok, it takes 14 manhours to make it. But how many thousands of manhours has the communityput in adding articles, editing, uploading pics for every obscure game out there. Thats not done because its fun, but to enhance the site to what it is today. Then again, maybe thats why this is the time a subscription is put forth, maybe 90 percent of all games, characters, etc is done so they waited entill now for community payement, since the community has little to give anymore.
Anyway, sorry, I'm not paying for it. I'm only spending so much on internet costs like MMO subscriptions, extra Gigs a month, etc. Plus, for that kinda money, I rather have a year's subscription on a gaming magazine, with a free game. Still, its a cool site, and I hope it continues to grow.

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About 6-8 years. Smoke about 4 sigarettes a day. I dont drink, do drugs or way 100 kilos. Fine, maybe in 50 years smoking can kill me, but thats my choice and a consequence for me.  Many of these so called white knights probably go out drinking every weekend, maybe one day they might get in a car and drive over some poor kid.....Hell, my brother almost lost his leg to a drunk guy that decided to drive a forklift drunk at DHL. I've never heard of a women getting beat by her husband/boyfriend because of cigarretes.
Don't get me wrong, to much of anything, including cigarettes, is never good. But everyone needs their vice, and I rather have a cigarete now and then, then being a pothead, a drunk, or fat.