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@ertdaemon: Hey not sure if your still interested but I need people to play with so i sent you a request deamon

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tried to play today and I might be wrong but I was back at the getting started so I realllly hope all my stuff is steal there

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WAIT I have an update...... space bar pausing does work when NOT in full screen mode.. however while in full screen space bar pausing does not work. Also while stickying a video if you use space bar pausing the scrollable screen underneath auto scrolls a bit with every space bar push.

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There is no options in the videos (besides auto) for hd or high quality.. also maybe I am crazy but i feel like i remember dave saying something about space bar pausing coming back to the sight

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This is ridiculous 5 years is a little too long for them to take especially since its in a location they have already successful made you would think with their success and large income from la noire and red dead they could at least take care putting out their marquee game in a reasonable amount of time, this sounds more like we want to compete with cod and november releases. the major issue i see happening is that this may mean their switch on the fly as you like system is faulty. with the generation coming to a close they might just delay it and bring it out for the new systems hope not. also I dont like Alex telling us to shut up not cool.

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@Fjordson said

The mention of driving blows my mind. Driving in GTA IV was truly perfect to me. I loved the way the cars handled, and how different ones actually felt, well, different. Taking a cue from Saints Row 3 would be nothing short of disastrous. Every vehicle made it feel like I was playing some arcade Go-Kart racer. All stiff, all the same. Bad, bad, bad.

I totally Agree and Maybe its just me but I really think that them making it back in San Andreas seems like the easy way out to get those who loved san andreas and only like gta 4 as much as i love this series and both games (4 more so) I THINK that its definitly time for a new city ( being from new york i loved 4) but its time to do like a chicago or a new miami (vice city) washington dc Something Anything NEW MAP PLEASEEEEEEEEE cant stress this enough for gta 6 in like 10 years

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Do you enjoy The old or the New the Broken or the well Oiled what appeals to you more. Of course you can start off with the nostalgia of Call of duty Classic which wasn't too far away from Counter strike when it came to Multiplayer, and really the next 2 COD games were not about the multiplayer as much as the world war Storyline. With the old world war theme and the clunky cinematics that were good for its time, or are you into the new. I have heard many people say that New is better and when COD 4 the first modern warfare came out it sure seemed the case. An enormous amount of people played and were surprised by the thought and effort that was put into making this game. But then came COD 5 World at War and it seemed like the series took a step backwards many fans were again surprised or horrified that the game pace was slowed down by slower guns and perks. Then came MW2 people waited for hours in line just to get it the same night of the release to go home and to start playing. The game had some notable differences and whether or not i was better then the previous MW is up for you to decide. 
           Now a new year a new game did they rush it was it put out before it should have been, or is it the best yet.  Do you feel that Infinity Ward is better then Treyarch or is it the other way around. So lets hear it members of GB Whats your preference

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@LordAndrew:  Oh no i wasnt saying that pitfall was a waste of money just that on a whole minus a select few games Gameroom for xbox live is Awful and a waste of money
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FOr what ever reason the picture didnt work but pitfall should of been a clue lol Gameroom is Jeffs biggest waste of Money but it got us some laughs 

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