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                      While it may be just because there are 2 million people trying to play with different pcs and connections something definitely feels wrong the amount of lag that you see is way more then expected even when playing on a high end top of the line computer such as i am. you are not allowed to choose which wager match you decide to play and even if you do decide to there really is no reason too i can get anywhere from 4 to 5 thousand a regular mode game over the 1500 wager maxim...

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The Little Things in Games 0

          POSSIBLE SPOILERS     The game while it had many bad reviews has some decent qualities worthy of mention. when you first start out in the 50s the graphics of the buildings were spot on and the cars were decent enough, what really stood out to me personally was that attention to detail when you buy something on the street the prices from back in the era are used and as the game progresses over time it is ever changing. When i robbed a store and shot the clerk after i left and came back ...

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First FPS before COD and Medal of Honor Arguably the grounds and foundations for Both franchises to come after Counter Strike Still widely played today around the world. New FPS got most of their ideas and weapons at one time or another from the Counterstrike franchise. Some what outdated but still widely popular. Source being a bit different from the original version of Counterstrike had updated graphics and sound for guns and maps. Originally designed as a mod your are able to change the color...

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Not Given Enough Credit 0

For a Gamecube game its as expected definitely not next gen quality but as an old nostalgia FPS Bond game its as good as a gamecube FPS could be. It seemed like if your into old style multiplayer split screen or Attacking clumsy AI attackers you would like it. the Game is fairly enjoyable with a good story and some driving missions but don't expect so much out of the game after all it is very dated but at the time was a step up from N64 Golden eye there are some glitchy areas in the game where y...

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