Games that need a sequel, remake, or new installment.

This is my personal list of games I think need either a sequel, a remake, or a new installment in their series. In order to make the list the game has to either have been out so long that it's obvious that it won't have a sequel made otherwise they would have already done it, or it can be a fairly new game that for one reason or another probably won't be revisited by the gamemakers.

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This is a great list! Nice job!

Posted by RedSox8933

Yeah, Devil Survivor is one of my favorite games of last year.

Posted by Snail

Great list, completely agree with it.

Posted by obscurefan
@Snail said:
" Great list, completely agree with it. "
@xMP44x said:
" This is a great list! Nice job! " 
Thanks a lot guys, very nice of you to say.
@RedSox8933 said:
" Yeah, Devil Survivor is one of my favorite games of last year. "

I agree man, I had high hopes and it really met them. Here's hoping it becomes the Persona of the DS.
Posted by ahoodedfigure

Would the upcoming game by the same creators count as a Shadow of the Colossus sequel, or just go back to the old game for another run at it?
Psychonauts is pretty much a foregone conclusion.  Minus the meat, perhaps.

Posted by obscurefan
@ahoodedfigure: Well the new game by those creators is supposed to have different gameplay, so I thought about counting that, but I still say return to the concept and gameplay from the last one. I'd love to see what they could do with the Colossi using next gen tech.
And with Psychonauts, is that true that they're making a sequel? I hadn't heard that, if so then I'm ready for another trip to Camp Whispering Rock.
Posted by ahoodedfigure
@obscurefan: I meant that it was a foregone conclusion that they NEEDED one.  Bad use of words on my part, sorry.
Posted by obscurefan
@ahoodedfigure: Awwww nuts. Oh well, I'll just keep on hoping for one. :P
Posted by ahoodedfigure
@obscurefan: Well, old Tim is still alive, so anything's possible. 
Posted by Ace829

No Shenmue 3? :(

Posted by obscurefan
@Ace829: Oooh, good call, didn't think about that one. Going on the list now.
Posted by gonzab

Definetly agree with every single one, well done.

Posted by ashogo

Well, Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor for the 3DS has been announced, so I think we can all be happy about that. Although we still don't know if it's a sequel or a remake.

Posted by obscurefan
@ashogo:  Yeah, I heard about that, and I do need to edit this page now that some SF3 characters have been put in SSF4 and now that MVC3 has been announced, but DS is the one that I'm really hoping I get to take off this list because I'd love to see that be a sequel, not just a remake.
Posted by Dan_CiTi

The SF3 characters in SSF4 are nothing like their SF3 counterparts. Sorry.