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Terrible story, poor characters, lackluster enemy and environment variety. The gameplay is solid enough to be fun with a group, though.

It is amazing that they didn't even make the Questgivers NPCs all you get is generic radio chatter. There is not a single other person of interest in the world of Destiny :(

including the players?

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i have more steam games than i can possibly play but i love threads like this. Duder generosity at its finest. Props OP. May you live and game well.

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I've always enjoyed Bungie's work on Halo and i really love loot rpg's like diablo, borderlands, torchlight, etc. I played the beta up to the level cap and while this game seemed very pretty, and the shooting felt just like Bungie's kind of shooting mechanics, i just didn't feel like it was fun. The most fun i had the whole time was dancing at inappropriate times during multiplayer matches or during free roam. This bothers me because if the maker of a series i really loved is doing a game that blends with other genres i also love, then why don't i like this?

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@jarmahead: I've been trying to keep a level head about this. I honestly hadn't thought that these would be so cheap because they were from a bitcoin mining machine so that gives me a little more peace of mind as to why he's asking for so little.

I had a bad seller experience on amazon with some foreign lady who bought a steelseries gaming keyboard from me while on vacation in the US. Did all the right stuff, shipped right away, provided tracking number, etc. she Contacted me freaking out that it hadn't gotten there and when I checked the tracking info, it said delivery had been attempted to the address but the owner of the house had stopped all mail delivery to the house they were renting. All I could think was, "Who the fuck buys a gaming keyboard while on vacation in another country?"

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Hey all, i bought a used R9 270 off ebay a few days ago for $75 plus $6 for shipping. Paid immediately via paypal through ebay but have yet to see a shipping notice or get a tracking number. Seller sold 30 of these cards to various people. Did i get ripped off? This is the 3rd day since the initial transaction.

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if you'd have asked me a month ago, i'd probably have told you Xbox One with no question. I just got my PS4 on monday, i'm strongly considering getting it there instead now. The PS4 controller feels so good and if there's bonus content there that's not on the Xbox One, that kinda makes it hard to justify not getting it there. That said, most of the people i play with haven't bought one of the new consoles yet so once they do, i'll start buying it on whatever they play it on. I like to play with my friends above all else.

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It's fine. Just get Classic Shell and it'll be so close to Windows 7 you will hardly be able to tell the difference.

i've had windows 8.1 on my desktop and laptop for almost a year now. i've had a only a handful of crashes on the desktop which was related to a crossfire setup/video driver issue. Started using classic shell after the first month, It's pretty much windows 7 with an app store that you don't even have to touch. It's kinda nice in a way for second screen apps like smartglass. I have a dual monitor setup where my primary is shared by my PC/360/XBOne/PS4 and my second screen will become the primary desktop when toggled so the second screen apps just go there if i want them. Kinda nice when i'm playing BF4 on my Xbox One to look at the big map at a glance just like the PC kids can.

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my main rule in hardcore is typically to pay particularly close attention to your position. If there's a mob up ahead, popping several abilities that could get you surrounded quickly isn't a good thing because if there's multiple elite mobs just off screen, you might be hosed. Beyond that, make sure you're particularly cautious about the benefits and drawbacks of trying on different gear as some of the proc abilities of various gear may be more valuable that just the raw stat bonus bump you get. In all honestly on normal, it shouldn't be too hard to hit 70. At that difficulty, usually by the time you've got your crafting vendors upgraded so you can craft weapons/armor if they're not just dropping via conventional means, you're out of the woods in terms of danger of being killed by a random mob.

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as long as i could see it power up and boot into a game, i'd take it. Times are tough and some people are willing to part with things like that for some quick money.