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modem is a motorola SB6121, router currently is a netgear n750 which replaced my linksys e1200 when i though that might be the problem., playing on a wired connection that's connected by CAT5e all around, ping to gateway is <1ms.

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Hey all,

i need help figuring this out. Currently paying for high speed internet (15 Mbps up/ 1 Mbps down) via my home ISP (WOW, Columbus, OH) but have been having problems with concurrent connections. I.E. trying to play a game on Xbox Live at the same time someone else is streaming a show via netflix. When nobody else is using the internet, it's pretty good, speedtest.net tells me my downstream speed is between 15-16 Mbps and my upload is usually around 2 Mbps. ping to a server within 50 miles of my house is usually less than 50ms. When someone else is using the internet to stream, i periodically get large lag spikes that without my router's QoS settings in place can sometimes be upwards of 500-600 ms just to ping something like google.com. Surely my connection should be sufficient to support the 3-5 Mbps traffic of streaming an HD video at the same time as the <100 kbps traffic from my game. What gives? I've been able to throttle this down to mostly under 150 ms spikes via my router's QoS but for the connection to jump from 30-40 ms to 150 ms or higher every few seconds, can this be right? Anyone have any experience working for a cable company/ISP hat could help

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@mercer: sorry but my monk is a beating post that rarely takes damage unless he's standing in fire and being given the Ghostbuster treatment by a crowd of Arcane orbs around him. but this was me using "one with everything" as a passive, stacking my gear toward 1 resistance type (using the AH of course.) Something i'm glad is no longer necessary.

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@dimi3je: i think clans are separate depending on which battle.net region you log into.

@ripelivejam totally agree. I like the flow of D3's combat more than torchlight but in terms of variety of loot and abundance of it, Torchlight was better until this most recent patch. I still feel that even with the more generous loot drops in the new patch. The challenge is still there on the higher difficulties.

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wing commander, any 2d game that was released around that time. i get the nostalgia project to a degree, but windows 98 was a TERRIBLE OS. please consider XP. also if you wanted a more powerful P4 or some more RAM, i might be able to hook you up. I've got a bunch of that stuff in a recycling pile at work right now.

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I think the big thing for me is that when i go there, i know they're taking advantage of people. Be they ignorant parents, a person trading in a game, or someone who just came in to get a new release, i feel like they're always trying to sell you on something you didn't intend to buy. Not that it surprises me but the reason i hate them is also the same reason i hate purchasing items from big box retailers like best buy. They're trying to sell people on a service that not everyone needs but they're tricking you into thinking you're getting a deal. I.E. magazine subscriptions, increased trade in values, or store warranties/'protection plans"

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There's been a couple tweets that people in the Battle.net forums have linked to that said the update is coming today and my Battle.net client just pulled the patch as seen below for the live environment servers. Download it and get your loot on.

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i feel like a controller is a totally viable way to play this game.

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I was actually pleasantly surprised at how well this ran for me. I'm not sure how representative this beta is vs the final version but it looks fantastic and runs smooth as lots of other source engine games do. I'm actually encouraged about the 360 version after seeing how well my pc handled this on high settings at 1920x1080 with 2xMSAA.