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I don't play much any more but i still do once in a while. i've yet to do any raids but i have a level 29 titan and a level 26 hunter. Feel free to add me, i also play diablo 3 on PS4.

PSN: oldmanlight

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nice pick, This was one of my first purchases for my PS4 when i got it in august and is easily in my top 10 of the year.

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@fish_face_mcgee: i had a tough time with this and the batman arkham games but it usually comes down to using all of your abilities at your disposal. For me, the thing i had to get past in this game in particular was learning that the combat encounters sometimes are not over as quickly and decisively as i wanted them to be and learning to manage the crowd until i could get to the point where i won the fight.

1. At all costs, keep your combo going so you can execute enemies and thin the crowd.

2. Prioritize your enemies based on the weapons they carry and how they're going to affect your ability to keep your combo up. Shield guys, orcs with spears, berserkers, caragors, archers, and Warchiefs/Captains all have potential to cause problems for your combo meter and you should focus on identifying their positions in the crowd and if possible dealing with these threats first.

3. Use your arrows to pull off a string of headshots from slow mo to thin a crowd.

4. Dodging is a must, especially once you unlock the ability to stun people you dodge roll over, then it almost becomes like a free combo starter because you can immediately flurry kill the stunned target most times.

5. Get the double execution unlock ASAP. once this is unlocked, you can pull of 2 execution moves per x8 combo tier. Awesome for thinning crowds especially when coupled with the stun>flurry kill.

6. No shame in running away if you're out of options and the crowd is unmanagable. Plus sometimes this can work to get your target back to a stealth killable state and the crowd around them will have dissipated .

Edit: i also found a pretty good video clip of a dude that's using the attack/counter method pretty well and thought it'd be easier to explain what he's doing right.

So first, notice that he's only hitting each orc 1-3 times each until they're knocked back or he needs to counter another attacker. Batman and Shadow are more about tapping the attack or counter button intentionally rather than hammering on them like a beat 'em up. Second, notice that when he has the oppotunity for a ground execution, he tries for it but he sometimes needs to counter another attacker and does. While this does cancel the execution and allow that orc to get back up, it's better to counter and save the combo meter than to push for the ground execution and still get hit and lose both. Last, while he uses the combo executions (red number that appears every 8 hits from the last combo execution) he hesitates a little long in some cases to use it. While this isn't necessarily "wrong" it's not using one of the most effective tools you have for crowd management in a timely manner. Once you trigger the combo execution command, you are pretty much invincible while that animation plays out. I often use these as soon as i get them because 1. it's an easy way to thin the crowd and 2. the combo excution meter only starts counting again after you've used the previous one so it does you no good to build a 40x combo if you've only used your combo meter once. in that time, you could ideally have used up to 5 execution moves if you timed them right. Sorry for the wall of text, i just really like the combat in Batman and Shadow of Mordor. Good Luck!

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@iron1c: i played that one on PC and never encountered any problems but yeah, that sucks. I'm willing to overlook most weird bugs but i seriously restarted this puzzle from a checkpoint several times and even force closed the game but the script error persisted between game sessions. at least i kept my loot and weapons i had acquired so far when i restarted the playthrough.

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This game is rife with some weird physics issues (things like the large orbs rolling away from their intended start positions and score gems sliding off of the playable area) which i was willing to overlook but then i hit a gamebreaking point where i solved a puzzle and the exit did not trigger so i could progress.

The puzzle in particular is in the video below. don't watch unless you want the solution spoiled for you but the game's scripting doesn't raise the platforms necessary to exit the area once the puzzle is solved, i get a chime and music to signify i've solved it but no platforms. I've since restarted the game to try to start that level from the beginning to see if that rights the scripting issue but i felt this a proper "buyer beware" scenario.


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i'm about to hit 4, looks like you get something every time you prestige, i think the ones that aren't labeled enlisted, professional, or elite also don't count toward your loot slots so even if you recycle the stuff you don't want, you'll still have plenty of options to play dress up.

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I thought it came out pretty well. i know it looks like the teeth are slightly off but it looks great in game. Thought i'd share with the rest of you guys so we can fly the flag whilst exo boosting our way into victory or certain doom. I think i'll try to make a vinn co. one soon too.

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@whitegreyblack: i don't know, it's possible that's what it started as because the UI prompts like "press RB for" is a picture of a 360 controller RB, not an Xbox One RB. However, it's more likely that it's evidence that the halo 2 version they started with was the Halo 2 PC which had 360 controller support.

I'm interested to see what their idea of a "make good gesture" is for this title. It's not like i expect there to be DLC for it. Again, like most people i'm just tired of being apologized to. I just want to buy a game and have it work. it's ok if minor things are broken but i don't know how this ever passed testing.

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i can't believe you had the audacity to put Ghosts on here and leave off MW3. Ghosts is the worst Call of Duty IMO. Worse than Call of Duty 3. At least Call of Duty 3 has a reason for not being great, it was a Treyarch's first Call of Duty and it was pre Modern Warfare. Call of Duty Ghosts is something that should be buried in the desert.

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still super busted as of this morning for me. i've been able to get into exactly 2 games for about 30-45 mintues of waiting total. just went back to playing CoD:AW.