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as long as i could see it power up and boot into a game, i'd take it. Times are tough and some people are willing to part with things like that for some quick money.

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i'm gonna be the one to post the crazy comment of playing battlefield with it. I remember doing this in Battlefield 2 which is probably the last time i had a flight stick hooked up to my computer. It made for an absolute crazy experience when flying.

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Congrats! I just bought a PS4 also via Buy.com's Ebay store. Got it for $360 with no sales tax and free shipping (toot toot) That said, i've also been stockpiling the PS4's PS+ games for a few months now so when i turned it on i already had a 15 games waiting for me to install. It's because of this that i think you're making a huge mistake ignoring the value proposition of PS+. Even if you have no intention of playing multiplayer games on your PS4, the total cost of the games i have in my library because of that service far outweighs the $50-60 a year cost of it. Especially if you own another Sony device like a PS3 or Vita.

Also, since we're on the subject of the value of PS+, newegg's ebay store has year memberships for $40. Try it out and if you don't want to keep it, don't renew it. My first actual purchase for my PS4 was Diablo 3 that is out today. i did the digital version of that because i know it's something i'll come back to for a while.

Cheap PS+ 1 year. http://www.ebay.com/itm/301240626504?afsrc=1

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PSN: oldmanlight Getting my PS4 hopefully today, getting D3, tomorrow.

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2 xbox one global codes here. Enjoy duders.



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still trying to get my hands on a PS3 code or Xbox One code in North America. If anyone has one could you PM it to me?

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definitely did and before i realized what i had done i had legitimately thought to myself. "Where the hell are all the urinals?" Then i dawned on me.

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If anyone has an extra code for Xbone, PS3, or 360, i'd love to take one for a spin. Will sing songs of your generosity to orphans across the land.

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but did you ever sell them or would you?

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whatever the default difficulty is. If there's one called normal, i'll go for that, If the game feels so easy that i'm not having any fun, i'll bump it up even if it means restarting the game.