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Great So Far... 0

Lets face it, by the time i've played through the entire game, most of the people that are on the fence will have had their minds made up so I figured i'd throw in my 2 cents before they become no longer relevant.  Based on the first couple of hours i've played this game seems great.  If you've ever seen a spaghetti western film, the game feels exactly like that.  The world in this game is gritty and believable.  Like most Rockstar games, the dialogue is entertaining and characters seem likeable...

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Not my favorite Splinter Cell game, but still a good game. 0

I've played all the previous splinter cell titles.  Even when double agent came out, i played both the original xbox version and the PC/360.  I appreciated more the original xbox version as it felt closer to Chaos Theory which was then and now is still my favorite splinter cell game.  This one plays much more like a shooter.  It's about as deep into stealth in batman arkham asylum, which is to say it's present but not the entire focus of the game.  If you wanted to you could likely shoot your wa...

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Top notch shooter and new benchmark for what sequels should be. 0

Giant Bomb user review #36 for Modern Warfare 2.   I'm sure i don't have to explain much what this game is about by now and chances are if you're reading this you already know the bullet points so i'll just share my impressions of the game and maybe quote some other opinions that i feel are accurate.     The singleplayer story, "For the Record"  is a summer popcorn movie that is entertaining from start to finish.  The only time i found myself disinterested was when i was actually  too physically...

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Damn Fine game. 2

I vaguely recall my fond memories of Lost Vikings on the SNES when i'm playing Trine.  I 1st saw this game as a featured video on Gametrailers and then heard the boys over at gamerswithjobs raving about it on their podcast.  After listening to that i decided i'd at least load up Steam and give the demo a try and was i impressed.  First, the graphics are great looking and for a pc game that looks as pretty as this i was amazed at how well it ran.   Not that i'm touting this as a PC game that will...

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This is a good rental. 6

Picked this game up yesterday on the way home from work.  I haven't completed the game yet but intend to.  From what i've played so far, I know what to expect from the rest of the game.  The story is decent. I'm actually kind of curious as to how the pieces of the puzzle line up with regard to what happened here so the developers did a good job on sort of drip feeding you the story. I feel it's still too early on in the game for it all to make sense yet but i'm hoping it all comes together in th...

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A fighter for people who hate conventional fighting games. 0

Finally we have a fighting game that has more in common with an EA Sports title than something more arcadey like Street Fighter.  I gave the demo on Xbox Live a try and the first time i had a flash knockout i was hooked.  Picked the game up day one after playing the same exhibition with the same 2 fighters for about 1 hour.  Career mode is well thought out, it balances upgrading your fighter and making decisions as to what area you want to focus on before your next bout.  In addition, you also h...

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