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Here's another extra US code:


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I first got introduced to Vocaloid in 09-10 and think the cooler thing about is the community-driven creative process it fuels. You have people with varying experience composing and playing instruments, and artists teaming up to create the music videos (coolest part imo and missing from the Diva F game I think?). Obviously now that Miku as a recognizable 'brand' is picking up speed she's being used for other brand stuff... We'll see where it goes. Also, MAN they should have written more English phonemes into her voice because she was legit incomprehensible.

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I don't get it. People can think the ice-dumping is stupid but still donate. Yes, the ice-dumping is a brilliant example of how memes/fads can be successful (it marketed the hell out of ALS charities) but so what? If it weren't for ice, then maybe some other marketing campaign would have come along. Who knows? ALS researchers probably don't care and are just happy to get funding. And being "informed" takes more than just the act of giving money, even though that itself is quite a commitment. Either way, people are donating to a good cause and that's always cool but either side getting nasty over what they think of ice-dumping is a huge waste of time.

Edit: As far as Brohei Broshida goes tho, no argument. He's amazing.

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Edea. And Ringabel is actually growing on me when not being a total perv. Even his English VO kinda suits him better than the weird, overly suave Japanese one.

Actually, regarding his name: is it supposed to be a pun? Because of his amnesia? (Not a spoiler but tagging it anyway since it's something you find out after you meet him)

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The fact that a game can be such a huge deal is still beyond me (I've only just begun to delve into why sports-style tournaments are so big too). But clearly there are some smart people investing their time in it, making it into the phenomenon it is.

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I have X and am ok with the PM stuff. Feel free to add me:

FC: 4656-6215-8774

Nickname: Ran

Adding pretty much everyone since I'm going for completion.

Edit: Trainer name Callum.

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Getting it the day of hopefully, if not very soon after. I also need more buddies for Swapnote exchanging. I love Swapnote. Please spam me.

Name: Ran

FC: 4656 - 6215 - 8774

I'll be adding you all.

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Connor hasn't "starred" in an AC game yet, though.

The "star" of AC3 was Haytham, and we all know it.

Haytham should have been the only playable character, and the revelation about him should have come right at the end, so you spend the whole game playing as him under false pretenses.

That would have been amazing, though probably hard to sell for the entire duration of a game. I would have loved to see them try though.

Haytham was pretty darn great; practically held the game up on his own.

I wonder if the game would've turned out... better..? if this was the case for the first installment of AC3, with Haytham's arc expanded more up until he interacts with Connor a bit. Then, the big reveal, and you play as Connor at the end. And the next installment of AC3 would be from Connor's POV from those last moments onto his shtick with Haytham, etc etc. I often wonder if that would have made players hate Connor less.

I agree with those saying Ubisoft risks milking AC (even more) dry. I'm a little tired of Desmond and those sequences are coming off as side-quests. But I can't help being curious as to where the series could still go. There are simply too many interesting periods in history that, if handled right, could make for an amazing game. Despite all the glitch, who would have thought AC1 would spark as much interest as it did?

Pirates, ninjas, and early times would be cool to explore. Maybe the future if it's not overdone. It'd also be cool to see what could come out of Indochina, south/southeastern Asia, and Western Asia/Middle East.

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@Neon25: Stop talking about it means it'll stop happening? You give people too much credit. Is everyone really that noble? There's a difference between being able to openly discuss things and glorification, pity-parties, and perpetuating guilt. The two don't have to be the same. Your point is lost on me.

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I'm glad sexism is being discussed over, over, and over again. Same for racism, violence, and tons of other things that we may be sick of hearing about. All of these issues actually still exist and there can never be enough open discussion about it.