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Stuff like this is exactly why this is the greatest website ever forever. Bravo.

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Waffles all the way.  Pancakes start out great but quickly turn into a mushy suck-fest.

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Can we petition Microsoft to rename the points as "Microsoft Banana Bucks"?

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I'd love it if Brad Nicholson reviewed all of the work-out games that are coming out.

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Modern-day Pittsburgh is one of the most awful places on this planet, and I've seen a fair amount of it.  I put this in my top ten of awful places, a list that includes Buffalo, Detroit, and Kandahar Afghanistan.  Pittsburgh is slightly cleaner than Mumbai.  Side note-Buffalo has a slightly higher employment rate than Kandahar and Detroit is actually less safe than Fallujah.  I say this fully knowing that I am less than half an hour from Baltimore, "The City that Bleeds".  Actually, Baltimore would make a great expansion for Fallout 3.  Just add a little more map to the North... please?

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I like to do it like I like to do chocolate milk.  Burger goes in the mouth, sauce goes in the mouth.  Yum's in the mouth.  Our yum.

Nah, I don't do that.  I just wish I did.

But really, Worcestershire is great.  I just don't think it's a requirement, but I do understand.  I have the same love of Old Bay seasoning.  Everything I cook gets a little, and I don't think everyone likes it.  It ends up in my drinks.  Maybe a Worcestershire, Old Bay, & Burger slushy with bourbon... but I'm getting off topic.