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Mark-ass Bitch of the Year 2014

Seriously fuck this guy. I stuck up for him every chance I got and he still fucked me in the ass and shot me. If I could I would have smacked the fuck out of this guy and put him in is place after leaving him in the dirt. Seriously. Just dirt.

Anyway, I protected the baby because why wouldn't you? When it came down to it I tried to save Luke and almost froze to death...I guess it was worth it? Why was the dude hanging onto his rifle the whole time?? I did not ask to leave with Mike, I'm pretty sure jolly ol' Arvo would have done the same no matter what, seeing as how the situation seems to have little wiggle room. I looked away (and did not shoot Kenny)...I wanted to like Jane really bad. She was cute, cool, and interesting but kind of erratic...Kenny is broken as hell but I understand how his head works at least. Did she really stash the baby or what?? That was confusing. Then went into Wellington with Alvin Jr. which was tough as fuck, though I just imagined Kenny setting up camp close by anyway. I thought it was best, and leaves me wondering how they will approach the next season. An adult Clem and teenaged Alvin would be pretty cool.


Saved the Baby, I know the Russians weren't gonna shoot him, but I didn't want to chance it.

Cover Luke, no point in both of us going down. and FUCK BONNIE.. I tried, what the fuck were you doing? Fucking drowning, like a bustah..

Didn't ask to leave with Mike: If you're gonna leave, man up and say something, not try to sneak out and take our supplies... Fuck. Arvo

Shot Kenny: Since Episode 2, everyone has been like, 'He's too far gone', andI tried, TRIED to pull him back, but I couldn't. Kenny had to be dealt with.

I forgave Jane, so now I'm with her and the family. What Jane did was fucked... but she's still a valuable asset.

Overall bravo, I opted togo Wolf Among Us over Season 2 and I marathoned Episodes 1-4, but I really like what they are doing, the world is fucked and youare just trying to put some kind of hope in the World.

One thing that got me interested, can you end up Alone, like no baby?

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... Sucks to see all that EVO footage tossed...

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The uppercut, into ORAORAORAORA, into cross into more ORAORAORA...

I love it...I love this show.

get rekt, Steely Dan.

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I got a look at it, through the Xbox Preview and it seems fine.

It just boils down to, what EA will offer, kinda bummed to not see Titanfall on there, but they are still supporting that game, where as a new version of Madden, FIFA, and (before delay) Battlefield is on the horizon.

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You guys are all going to be so sad when they feed Dustbros to the Ascension.

You dont know how geeked I am for The Ascension just startssmashing faceson themain roster.

They are the Road Warriors.

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So can we all agree that Watch Dogs is a bad, overrated game now?

Overrated? Yes.

Bad? Nope.

The gunplay is fun, manipulating the world during firefights is fun, mind-trips area fun discractionand the 1-v-1 hacking is pretty intense (if you actually care about it) It's trying to be more than what it is, and it has good pieces, but none of them gel together all that well.

But, I will agree with the sentiment, Aiden sucks as a main character.

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@zereta said:

@infinitegeass said:

The Achievment Hunter crew are the only LPs I really watch. Their personalities just fit so well with each other.


Achievement Hunter is really all I watch but thanks to this thread, might be watching a few new ones.

Add another one for Achievement Hunter, the same reasons I love Giant Bomb (Fun commentary, great chemistry with each other and a good flow of content) I find myself losing entire off-days just watching AH videos.

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@pyromagnestir said:

Yes. But I am shitty at human interaction so nothing ever came out of it.

After working at my job for 7 or 8 months now. I've gradually started breaking out of being non-social. I'm alot more social now, compared to when I first started working at my job. Then I lost a shit ton of weight which helped me mentally aswell.


People you work with, tend to notice all the changes in you before anyone else, i get a ton of comments about me losing weight, and I've notice I get some glances from the ladies, but yeah, as someone said, there is a line between "being nice" and "attracted to you", it's hazy... on a good day.

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Move Dat Dope.

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@zevvion said:

Because you're not doing anything productive. It is leisure time. You need a job to get money and then you need a hobby, or several, to enjoy yourself and kill time. Good things can come from becoming good at your interests. Gaming is highly enjoyable, but it probably never amounts to anything. Therefor, spending all your free time on it can feel like you've wasted it.

I know you said probably never amounts, but in todays world it can lead to an awful lot of things that it would've never before. Look at the guys from Roosterteeth, Total Biscuit, PewDeePie, The Yogscast and <insert all the others here> who go where they are by playing video games.'s more what you do with it.

Are you making videos?



Writing Reviews?

Going to Tournaments?

Playing games can lead to bigger things, but still requires work to be put in.