My least favorite thing about E3

Project Natal.  I hate that Microsoft has to copy off of the Wii, and not only that but completely ignore our need for an online handheld!  They, like most companies only see the money coming in from the motion sensitive bullshit and all the hardcore gamers have to suffer for it.  Not to mention, it scares the shit out of me that the technology for such a thing is even available right now, it just seems too soon for armaggeddon.  

Seriously though, Milo is going to be the death of us, mark my words.  Besides, gamers don't want to move around and lose weight, it's what separates us from normal people. so Fuck Natal and Fuck the whole motion sensing in consoles "movement".  hopefully it will all blow over eventually and we can get back to playing real games. With our thumbs and not with our bodies.