Hey Everybody, It's...

...a very sad day for us here in the Giant Bomb Community.

I never met Ryan Davis. I had only seen him once in person, at PAX East 2012. I made it a point to attend Giant Bomb's PAX panel that year, because these dudes have helped me through some hard times. I felt I owed them not only my time, but a token of my gratitude for them helping out some stranger from Michigan they didn't know. To this day, I'm still kicking myself for not walking up there and shaking his hand, and introducing myself to him.. if not just to say thank you.

Ryan had that presence that could make anyone's mood better. There was nothing more satisfying than clicking on the Bombcast page at 10PM every Tuesday Night and being greeted with that warm "Hey everybody, it's Tuesday, and you're listening to the Giant Bombcast!" that only he could deliver so, so well. Ryan had a way of speaking that a lot of us wish we could have - he knew how to be critical, yet humorous - a balance that is incredibly difficult to achieve - and he did it better than anyone I've ever listened to.

I extend my sincerest condolences to those who knew him, and to the rest of us here in the Giant Bomb community, and I hope those of you with Twitter hop on and extend your best wishes to @enemynanner on Twitter.

We'll miss you, Ryan.

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