On my way to S-Ranking a few

The last game I "S" ranked was Borderlands and with the recent 'news' of a possible fourth add on..that may soon be in jeopardy seeing as I don't own the game( Gamefly helped with that one, had it out for 5 1/2 months) but anyways.. I am literally 4 achievements away from "S" ranking Fallout 3...I've got to level a neutral character from 1 to 30 and get my lvl 25 Bad character to 30 and i will have them all!! 
Also I am 5 achievements away from "S" ranking Splinter Cell Conviction, with them all being fairly challenging.
Lastly,I have 1 achievement left in Limbo and it is the hardest one at beating the game in 1 sitting dying 5 or less times


An extended rant about something that chaps my bottom side...

Some of you have seen them, some of you have not, some of you may have see me rant about it someone elses post, but one of the things that absolutely bugs me to no end is those stupid ass stick figure families on the back of vehicles(see right). I honestly dont know what the driving force behind all the hate t

 I hate you!
owards those godawful looking things,but they drive me up the wall. I dont care about your stupid family! Some may compare them to sports stickers or even religious symbols on cars,but those dont offend me. When I see this on the back of a vehicle, I dont see "hey this is my family, I love them" I see "Hey you, look at my family, we are better than you and we know it. We are so arrogant and selfishly indulged in out own life that we want you t o feel jealous that no cares about you"....Now i may be wrong but thats just my opinion. I also think you are setting up your family for disaster by advertising to the world your family members. They even have ones where you can put names of the people underneath their respective stick figure. Thats an open invitation for rape.
 Everytime I see one, I feel like killing someone.....Its just one of those thing you know....
Your thought?

Need to fill a void in my Gaming arsenal.

I have played LOTS of games, but since I have been gaming, there have been a few(or more) 'stand-out' titles that I have missed or failed to play enough to get the full justification out of it. There are certain genres I avoid, like JRPG's, that I just don't like. I am looking to go back and play these 'stand-out' titles. Most of them before this generation of consoles. Suggestions are welcome(even though you have no idea what game I have played).
What I can think of so far...
 Deus Ex
 Deus Ex: Invisible War 
 Beyond Good & Evil
 System Shock 
 System Shock  2
 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic(I did play the 2nd one)
 Grim Fandango
 Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn( I actually bought it and played it,but never got past the first disk)
 Fallout 2
 Rome: Total War
 Jak and Daxter series(had Daxter on PSP)
 God of War II( I did beat the first and 3rd one, Idk why I skipped the 2nd one)
 Soulcalibur(Dreamcast, played everyone since)
 Metroid Prime
 Metroid Prime 2: Echoes 
 Metroid Prime 3: Corruption 
 Mass Effect
 Mass Effect 2


Finally got my Splinter Cell Conviction review up

What Is It?
Take everything you know about the Splinter Cell series and discard it, insert a nifty, 'Mark and Execute' ability, mix it in with a Gears of War/Rainbow Six Vegas cover system, Assassin Creed-type movement,and a Jason Bourne influenced story and you have Splinter Cell Conviction  

The story of Splinter Cell Conviction is basically simple, Your Sam Fisher and you are no longer part of Third Echelon. The game takes place 3 years after Sarah Fisher( Sam's daughter) has been killed. It starts you off in a marketplace and you are contacted by 'Grim' and that serves as your basic tutorial. As the story progresses, you slowly learn more about Sarah, Grim, and Third Echelon. You also slowly receive new equipment to help you progress through levels, but it isn't until the last third of the game that you have obtained all your equipment and by that time, you really don't need it. The single player serves as a basic 'general' tutorial for the co-op. The gameplay of Conviction has been extremely overhauled from the previous entries and somewhat 'dumbed' down. That isn't to say that is a bad thing. The overhaul reminds me of what Capcom did with Resident Evil 5. It's a nice, fresh change of pace for this franchise. The 'Mark and Execute' ability is one of the best addition to the game. The game is set-up to make you earn your 'Mark and Execute'. You must first pull off an 'execution' or hand-to-hand combat to 'earn' your 'Mark and Execute' and depending on which gun you have and/or how far you have said gun upgraded, will determine how many you can 'Mark'( maximum is 4 per person). The best part of the game is the 'Co-op.' There are several options:

  • Hunter - Clear the map of enemies 
  • Co-op Story- A Prequel Campaign to Convictions Single Player
  • Infiltration - Same as Hunter, but with the condition that detection by enemies automatically results in a mission failure. Must download from UPLAY
  • Last Stand - Protect an EMP warhead from waves of advancing foes
  • Face Off - The sole adversarial mode, with two players going head-to-head with a customizable number of A.I. opponents populating the map. 
You will likely spend the majority of your time running through these modes with a buddy. As previously mentioned, you will be able to upgrade weapons as well as outfits. Within the game there is 3 tiers of Challenges that upon completion reward you with points to upgrade. You are also now able to Interrogate enemies to get information throughout missions. While cool in theory, the results are a let-down and it gets old fairly quick. Also new is your objectives are now appear on the wall,buildings, floor, etc in the real-world. It is a very neat and convenient way to inform the player(s) of their objective without interrupting the gameplay.

Final Verdict
 A fun, yet short single player Campaign and great Co-op make this a must play(rent or buy). It has it's shortcomings and may disappoint fans of the previous entries, but I think with the new overhaul, it is a great foundation for the next installment and definitely worth a run through.
The Good:
-'Mark and Execute' is ridiculously awesome
-New Gameplay mechanics are smooth
-More action

The Bad:
-'Mark and Execute' make it too easy,even on Realistic
-Voice overs sound a bit off a times
-Interrogations are a failed opportunity
-Classic Splinter Cell gameplay is gone
-Super Short Campaign

Grade: B+

Heavy Rain Review

 Heavy Rain is considered to be an 'interactive drama' and while it is considered a 'game', I it is much more than that, It's an interactive experience like no other.

The Good:
-Emotional, engaging, and completely immersive story
-'Unique' controls
-Acting(for the most part) is executed very well
-Actually adapts to 'Your' decisions

The Bad:
-Controls(while not always bad,often get in the way when walking)
-Voice overs
-Plot holes
-Camera(see controls)

Review-Norman Jayden, Ethan Mars, Madison Paige, and Scott Shelby. These are 'your characters'. You will see the story through their eyes. You become so connected with these characters that you start to questions every move morally. The main story revolves around the 'Origami killer' and trying to stop him/her and find out who he/she is. While the main story is a set story, the results within each chapter will/may vary with each individual play through.
The music makes this game. It brings you into the game.The atmosphere is insanely incredible. There is certain parts of the game that you can literally feel your heart beating. Never in my gaming have I ever cared so much about the characters I was playing with. Heavy Rain hits you on every emotion and it hits hard.
The unique control system works very well for the most part and is structured as to keep you one your toes at all times. There are certain points I encountered when the camera or controls were a tad but frustrating, but nothing to unreasonable that it took away from the experience.
In closing, Heavy Rain is an incredibly original and compelling story. It is an milestone release that merges gaming and movies into one. The game ends leaving you craving for more and rightfully so. I have never been more entranced in a game than I have with Heavy Rain and never have I had the experience I had with Heavy Rain. This is a game that needs to be experienced


My Most Anticipated of 2010


1.Dead Space 2(360)

Wha t is it? The sequel to survival horror third-person shooter, Dead Space

Release? Late 2010/Early 2011

Why? Dead Space was a shot in the dark(no pun) for EA when they announced the new IP, It took the best elements from other horror shooters and even did things others didn't. It was geniunely creepy and down right fun. I dont think I had a better time playing a single player game in 2008. The sequel will feature returning hero Isaac Clarke with a new,upgraded suit and is set to take place on "The Sprawl." It has also been announced that Dead Space is going to have 'multiplayer'


What is it? An FPS which features the SMART (Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain) Freerunning System. In a similar manner to Mirror's Edge, along with set in a future Earth that has been flooded. The action takes place near a floating utopia known as The Ark, where disastrous overcrowding has pushed the population to the brink of civil war. The game allows you to create your own character, and also offers a multiplayer story mode.

Release? Sept 2010

Why? Im a huge FPS fan and the genre is becoming someway stale. Brink looks liek the perfect addition to freshen up the genre. Similar to that of Mirror's Edge, SMART lets players maneuver around environments in dynamic and unique ways all based on player position and immediate need. The story mode which can be played cooperatively online in missions with up to 8 players or by yourself with A.I. partners. Players can create custom characters with additional rewards bought with experience points.

3.Dead Rising 2(360)

What is it? A survival horror video game with action adventure and role-playing game elements and the sequel to the 2006 video game, Dead Rising.

Release? Fall 2010

Why? Dead Rising was a smash-hit on the 360 and was a blast to play. Althouigh in the sequel your are no longer photojournalist Frank West, you star as a former motocross champion, Chuck Greene. This time around there is also multiplayer.

4.Splinter Cell Conviction(360)

What is it? The fifth title in the Splinter Cell series. Still starring Sam Fisher,this time your a rogue agent in search for your daughters murderer.

Release? April 2010

Why? The often delayed game has been one of my most anticipated games of 2008, 2009, and now 2010. This year though, it is actually going to come out. Splinter Cell is one of my favorites series still around and with an adventure more along the lines of 'Bourne' and a return of co-op. This game is shaping up to be must have.

5.Mafia 2(360)

What is it? An open world 3rd person action adventure game and sequel to Mafia

Release? May-July 2010

Why? The first Mafia was an underground hit and had a surprisingly good story. I'm looking forward to playing this one as well and I have extremely high hopes for it.

6. Heavy Rain(PS3)

What is it? Quantic Dreams stylish, film-noir crime thriller follow up to Fahrenheit.

Release? Feb 23,2010

Why? One of the best looking 'games' i've seen and It has a fantastic story(that all we really know is it's about the Oragami Killer) I loved Fahrenheit(Indigo Prophecy) and I've been waiting for this one to come out for awhile now

7.Halo Reach(360)

What is it? The long awaited prequel to Halo Combat Evolved

Release? Fall 2010

Why? It's taking Halo into a different direction and also taking it back to the original Halo feel. Plus, it's going to show you the events leading up to the original Halo. Plus its Halo....

8.Red Steel 2(Wii)

What is it? The follow up to FPS, Red Steel

Release? March 2010

Why? This one claims to fix the problems with the first one and is utilizing to WiiMotionPlus. I need a reason to play my Wii and this looks to be a reason.

9. Aliens vs Predator(360)

What is it? a Sci-Fi FPS

Release? Feb 16, 2010

Why? Aliens? Check, Predator? Check, Gore? Check. More gore? Check. The original game back on the PC was surprisingly creepy especially the human campaign. If its going to be anything like that...Im in

10.Bioshock 2(360)

What is it? The sequel to the phenominal FPS, Bioshock

Release? Feb 9,2010

Why? The first thing is Bioshock is/was one of my favorite games ever and there is a reason this is a number 10. The addition to multiplayer saddens me and the fact that I've seen in action makes it worse. Hoping the single player makes up for it. Im really wanting this game to be good and I have(still) high hopes for it.

Also looking forward to....

Crackdown 2(360),Super Mario Galaxy 2(Wii), God of War 3(PS3), Red Dead Redemption (360), Metal Gear Solid-Peace Walker(PSP),Starcraft 2(PC), Agent(PS3),Natal(360), Dante's Inferno(PS3/360), and Fallout New Vegas(360)

And my biggest flop of 2010.......................MAG(PS3)


My best of 2009


Runner-ups. Halo ODST.Bungie tried something new and it felt like the original Halo..which is a good thing. Left 4 Dead 2. Valve improved with what they learned from the first one and brought more content. It worked for the most part. The characters weren't as good though.

#5.(3 way tie) Shadow Complex. Xbox 360's Metriod. In 3-D. Dead Space Extraction. VG shows that Dead Space can work as a rail shooter and rail shooters can have a very good story. InFamous. While slow at the beginning, It slowly creeps up and keeps you coming back

#4.Call of Duty: Modern Warefare 2. Continuing right where they left off with Cod4. IW had a huge hype to deliever to and it succeeded for the most part. Not to mention the multiplayer...

#3.Assassins Creed 2. Improving everything from it's previous installment, Ubi brought a heavy hitter to the table and this time it was a complete success

#2.Batman: Arkham Asylum. An epic and jawdropping adventure worth the Batman tag. Rocksteady finally got Batman right.

and...#1. Uncharted 2. An all-around complete adventure. Its a full price ticket and then some. Improving upon the sequel and adding a very surprisingly good multiplayer and co-op. This game is simply amazing

Bringing Back The Ol' Clan...Breed The Chaos[BTC]

Ok...Have you ever played a multiplayer game and no one talks and your teams gets slaughtered?  Well...I hate that...but I used to have have a Halo 2/Gears of War/Rainbow Six Vegas Clan and it was legit.... We had at least one 'clan' game every week,normally against other Clans,we knew. Most Clan games took place in  RS:Vegas.  It carried over into Rainbow Six Vegas 2 and stayed active for awhile,but most of us went to school,moved onto other games, etc. After playing MW2 Multi-player heavily this weekend, I've decided to bring the Clan back..this time better than ever..with an official logo(HAHAHA!),new players, and a new attitude. We will mostly be playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2(Ground War,because we can use party chat),but we will play other games as well. This is mostly to have fun,but The ones already involved are semi-serious about it. As in were doing it for fun,but we WANT TO WIN...
You may be asking yourself...why go to all this trouble? Well..why not.... my philosophy is if your going to do something..don't half ass it. Give it your all you . Plus you have to communicate and understand how your team plays/chemistry is. You know the 'practice make perfect' scheme? If anybody is interested...we need about 4 to 6 people...Well will play as often as we can..The majority of the clan is either in school or working full-time..so you'll have to work around that...But just send me a message on here or my XBL Gamertag-Ozzdog12


ODST+360=North pole of Two magnets

Okay, So I'm a Halo fan...not hardcore...I enjoy and respect it for what it did. Read a book or two...blah blah....Well I'm in a bit of a financial bind(I'm in my 3rd year of college and I have no job) so I choose the games I buy carefully...for example..I have ALL 3 consoles and since Jan 1,  2009, I have purchased 3 games( Chronicles Of Riddick, Batman-Arkham Asylum, and Uncharted 2. I will buy MW2) Now I Do have Gamefly and i used it often. We'll ODST arrived about 2 weeks ago in the mail.... I pop it open, and put it in the 360. It loads,watch the cutscene...right after the drop.....mid drop actually...it says disc is unreadable...okay so I then install it to my HDD...Try to play it again...FAIL... I send it back after telling them it didnt work..... And I received another 4 days ago....Tried it last night....Same exact problem...and So I borrowed a friends.....same problem...I even uninstalled and  reinstalled it.. No dice... Everything else works like a charm!!! So my 360 hates ODST and will not play it

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