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A Game That Deserves to be Played 0

Hotline Miami is, to put it bluntly, one hell of a game that is worth every penny. Now for anyone who doesn't know exactly what this game is it's a top down shooter that (once they get the gamepad support running again) resembles a dual joy stick shooter. Calling this game a dual joy stick shooter is doing a major injustice since it's very much a combat puzzle game as well, since death comes swiftly and viciously around every corner. With one wrong move you can be dead and have to restart at the...

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Working towards something great ... I hope 0

First off let me start by saying this game is better than the first one by far.  If you enjoyed the first one but thought it was lacking in content then don't worry this game is much more enjoyable than the first and seems like much less of a chore to get to the meat of the game, the assassinations.  However, the game still has some significant shortcomings that I feel stop this game from being a 5 star game.    Improvements                 The best improvement of this game is without a doubt th...

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