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After the complete letdown Kinect was I really have my doubts about this. We're just getting VR right now we're jumping to holograms already? I don't know you guys...

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If you want to really get messed up, just drink every time Brad says "you know?"

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A weekly podcast on what is broken in Vinny's house


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@jslack: Window's 7, 64bit, Chrome version: 39.0.2171.95 m

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Seriously though need more games, could give two shits if it's exclusive or not. This generation needs more big budget new IP. So many remakes and indie game but I want something to show the power of these systems, damn it!

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I get the same kind of issue but mine goes backwards. Using google Chrome

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Holy Shit, didn't expect to see this today. Good luck out there Patrick, and don't stop fighting the good fight!

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Not that crazy, since really I spend more time watching GB videos about games than playing them myself and really, my play time has gone down considerably since I started working full time.

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Almost forgot about this!

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The one I want the most is Half Life 3 but that is going to come eventually. So for a sequel that I need but prob won't ever see... gotta go XIII. I want an ending to that cliff hanger damn it!!