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He looks more like a wanna be joker fan who loves tattoos, rather than the joker himself.

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Wow, they really know how to say fuck you to their audience. They make an extremely popular demo that got a ton of people talking about it and they literally just threw it away. What the fuck in going on in Konami, seriously.

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Endurance and if your using the ludvig's holy blade then put points into skill. Skill does some decent scaling for that weapon. I can't speak for the other. If that still doesn't interest you go arcane cause you get some items that require higher arcane (i have two that require 15) that either buff your weapon, or have some other kind of effect. I would look those items up on a wiki and see if they are worth it to you.

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Ugh now I want to play Front Mission 4, I tried out Front Mission 3 for the first time a few months back and it wasn't doing it for me.

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This is probably the first time in a while I'll really get into a multi-player game. I love the style and the difficult ramp gets fucking nuts. My only real complaint, as of right now, is how the red dot sight blends in so much with the red planet. I wish they had a different color option for the red dot sight.

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So ready.

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In short, it doesn't. The length of a single player campaign that is full cost, has no other modes, and no replay ability is an important part to think about. Mainly because you deserve to know "Hey this game is great, but short. So if money is tight and you want a lot of bang for your buck then consider that before getting it".

But since this game is apparently not really good it's just another reason for people to complain about it.

Really this is probably what makes games so much harder to review than movies. Movies cost the same to see no matter what (unless you have to watch them in 3D). So it's never about length, it's about quality. Sure some movies are longer than others, but no one ever associates a 3 hr movie being a better value than a 1 1/2 hr movie.

This is what made Dan's review of that Toad game so odd but fair. The reality is that most people don't read a full review. They'll look at the numbers and say 9.0 ok great I'll buy it. So the only way to express the problem with the length of a game, in a way that the general audience can see, is in the final score.

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Holy shit, that article by rock paper scissors...

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Beating the hell level in Spelunky is up probably the greatest gaming moment I've had in recent years. And getting the damn achievement for launching the garden gnome in the rocket in Half-life 2 episode 2 was another.

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After the complete letdown Kinect was I really have my doubts about this. We're just getting VR right now we're jumping to holograms already? I don't know you guys...