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Wind Waker and Skyward Sword. Wind Waker I loved every minute and then hit that stupid triforce shard part where I had to grind money and pay to find the stuff, just kept replaying the game up to that point.

Skyward Sword I didn't really love, then I got to the part where you had to swim around and find notes or something and there were like 40 of them. So I said fuck that.

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"It won't run on the 3DS you own right now"

are you kidding me Nintendo...

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XIII, really like that game as a kid but never got a sequel .... and it left off on a damn cliff hanger too. What a bummer

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I played it just by myself, and I imagine having a friend you always play with being the funnest way to play, but I had a blast playing the game just by myself. The game is pretty much all playable single player. So def get it.

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Congrats Vinny!

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I think it would be red dead but I want to see another bully game

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VJ first since I think it's my favorite of the two and then if you really enjoyed it then go for the BR one. They're both fun to watch and I stuck with VJ till they finished, then watched BR and I found it really fun to go back and see their reactions.

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Like everyone else has said price drops aren't coming anytime soon. I own a PS4 and I can say that it's still very barren out their as far as games are concerned, although the indie games help, so if you don't mind that then just get it now.

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