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@codieb: #3 seems a lot like the "Crash Mode" part of Burnout 2: Point of Impact. That was for the PS2 and I think the Xbox, check out a video for it and seems if it looks familiar. It uses all of those systems you mentioned about medals and cash for keeping score.

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Awesome work!

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Love that intro music

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I remember playing Myst for the first time and loving it. Had a whole notebook full of notes on each puzzle as I tried to solve it. Something about being on this island knowing next to nothing felt awesome and yet kind of scared me, of course I was like 10 when I played this game which is probably why it felt so creepy.

Either way, good luck. I played this recently on my Ipod and I still really liked it, so much that I played it to completion again.

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Honestly, I don't think it matters as much to me, but I just do not want them to use the mass effect style conversations; where you kind of summarize what you're going to say. I cannot express how many times I've selected an option in other games that have adopted that style and hated the way my character phrased the sentence. Let me know what I'm going to say exactly damn it.

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Dan's face in that drawing is fan-fucking-tastic, nice job duder

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Awesome! Cannot wait to see what he brings to GBE

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I don't need it but honestly I can't imagine having an optional co-op option in that world really hurting. In fact it could even be a lot of fun to just goof around in that world with a friend. Look at Far Cry 4, prob not the greatest co-op since there wasn't much to do other than side stuff but it was still fun.

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He looks more like a wanna be joker fan who loves tattoos, rather than the joker himself.

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Wow, they really know how to say fuck you to their audience. They make an extremely popular demo that got a ton of people talking about it and they literally just threw it away. What the fuck in going on in Konami, seriously.