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@corevi said:

I can't hit flag hard enough.

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Never knew people did this but for some reason this just blew my mind. Wish I had more time to actually do it.

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For me there are 4 that are really memorable:

Halo 2's multiplayer made it so memorable, still have fond memories of it.
Halo CE's campaign did a great job of building a world with a million questions and interesting setting. Plus that flood reveal.
Halo 3 had a great campaign, memorable fights and a killer ending.
Halo Reach had the best campaign, to me, as far as story telling and it built up interesting characters in such a short amount of time.

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If you want some classic quotes there was a website that had these quotes http://www.deertier.com/gb/#

I doubt the guy has been updating it but there was a good amount on it.

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Damn it, I had a feeling this would happen but I still had some hope ...

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Now if they offer a Halo Master Chief bundle at that price they got me.

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Well written Jeff, hopefully it gives some people pause enough to re-think some things.


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This shit is getting old real fast, something has to legally be done to stop online harassment cause it's going off the deep end

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Honestly it's not really interesting but I wouldn't say it's terrible. I think it's throw away compared to how great the rest of the game is.

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Damn, I'm so sorry Jeff. Take some time off and take care of yourself