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That would be cool getting a chance to meet everyone. I'm a short drive away in Jersey so I only go every now and then and this would be something fun to come out to.

Same, I live right next to a train station so I'm a quick train ride away

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Yeah I had the same issue it kind of sucks.

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Little Big Planet might be a good choice.

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@joshwent said:

The irony gets me every time when someone is moved to make an entire post complaining about how someone else only does something just to get talked about. If you don't like a dude's videos, it might be a better tactic to just stop watching, rather than give him some free advertising.

I agree with this but idk, after reading his post it doesn't seem like he's looking to just trash talk him. Seems like a regular blog where he doesn't like the material and just wants to express it. If he was mindlessly bashing Egoraptor then I would agree.

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Welcome guys! So pumped to have some new blood in the site

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Congrats duder, best of luck!

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Gotta agree, Brad was a great host, which was awesome to hear.

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No offense but this topic has come up a lot lately and it's getting tired.

^ This right here

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Great work duder!