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Dark souls can sometimes needs a lot of precision so I would say try a hard platformer but only after you play some other games that get you used to using all the buttons. I would say Super Meat Boy is a good choice since it's high precision and the controls feel good. After a few of the harder levels later you'll have a good feel for the analog stick.

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If you really enjoy the PS2 games and the amount is about the same as the 360 then I'd say the PS2 just because of the price. Those games and consul are probably insanely cheap. Honestly though if it were me I'd go with the 360 because a lot of the games that I want for the PS2 are either available on the PC or they have been remastered on the PS3/Vita. So for me the 360 would be a better buy.

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There are some items that increase luck which increases item drops you can try those, there ones vendor in Iron Keep who sells a helmet and there's a ring, I think, you can look online to find it.

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Here's a crash course.

- Intelligence increases casting speed/damage
- Attunement increases number of spell slots
- Some spells require 2 spell slots
- Staves can all cast the same Magic, but some Hexes use only Chimes (used for faith builds) and also Hexes need some level of faith
- Different staves have different levels of power or scale differently, and upgrading increase damage
- You have to look online and see what spells look good to you, if Hexes sound good then you have to invest in both Faith and Intelligence.
Otherwise intelligence is all you need, plus pyromancy scales with intelligence/faith and I believe intelligence increases your fire damage too.
- Given the power of spells and the frequency bonfires I'd say it's pretty viable to use them, and there are weapons that scale to magic to use as a back up for when you want to save your magic for boss fights.

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For the love of god when he sticks his sword in the ground back away he sometimes does an AOE attack, so many people try to attack him

I've tried helping people on that boss and I can't tell you how many died doing that, one time it was probably 5 guys in a row

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Nice write up, I'm more optimistic. I just hope it pays off with a kick ass product in the end.

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Great video duder

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When going from full screen back to its original size, the video doesn't go back to it's original size.

Instead the right half the of the screen locks to the right half of my monitor, as if that part was still full screen, while the rest fits back to it's original size. Usually I can fix it by just going to full screen again and back quickly but sometimes it still stays that way even after a few times.

I use the embiggen style, not sure if that has anything to do with it but figure I'd mention it.

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Honestly it's in so many other mediums there's no reason to bring attention to it unless their doing something over the top, like the psp thing you mentioned and the dressing up part for IGN is kinda weird.

But you mention the gamespot women, Carolyn Petit, and why she doesn't cover the news. I'm just gonna say this and it's not be an ass. Do you know her, have you two talked about how she really wanted that job but it was taken from her? Probably not, you don't know she wanted to even do the news every day maybe she didn't, but don't assume because they put another women on camera and not her it's because she's transgendered. The only people who would know are currently working their now.

I would say that whoever they picked probably was a hard worker who fit into the role well (which was probably someone who looked good on camera and is charismatic), but who knows I don't know any details either.

Whether their using it for getting more views or not really I could careless, that's the way companies work they want that money nothing changes that. So long as they're just doing their job and not doing anything degrading then let them work in peace.