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I spent about $20 on Final Fantasy: All The Bravest. I'm part of the problem. Fuck that game.

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It should have ended with Joel revealing that this whole story is one he's been writing for a book. Dan actually is dead, his sister Jackie is a lesbian, Mark was really Darlene's boyfriend and David was really Becky's boyfriend, Ellie was in actual fact his loyal dog, his daughter got her own spin-off show and instead of a fungus-zombie outbreak Joel, in real life, won the lottery.

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86% of KPop fanboys love the genre for the videos. 96% of the posts about KPop are the videos and 99% are of all-girl groups. I'm a scientist. Trust me.

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Will be save the genre? I say maybe so yes. Or the no.

Seriously, grammar is your friend. And the genre hardly needs saving. Maybe you just need to broaden your outlook.

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The white Xbox One looks better than that PS4 one by far.... but I hate how the sticks stay black. Looks particularly awful with the PS4's touch pad.

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A female Link rescuing a male prince of Hyrule. I know it'll never happen but it could be a cool twist... even just a Zelda game where you play as Zelda would be cool really. Still, this is one boat that Nintendo will not be rocking any time soon.

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I remember Lorne Lanning once saying how Peter Jackson, who was meant to be working on a Halo game at the time, getting into games has more to do with him wanting to keep his team working and less to do with loving games in general. Del Toro is a brilliant director and I'm sure he could contribute quite a lot to Silent Hill game, but working on an interactive narrative is a big jump and the only credit to his name is a cancelled game from years ago. Kojima knows how to make great games but is an appalling story-teller so maybe he'll balance the team out. But most likely Kojima Productions also needs to stay busy after The Phantom Pain wraps up and Konami must think the Silent Hill franchise is in need of renewal.

I'd consider Silent Hill 2 one of my all-time favourite games, as is Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3, so I want to love this. But I'm going to stay cautiously optimistic rather than getting overly invested just yet. I hope it's amazing... but I also hope these two can play to each other's strengths... and for fucksake please keep Kojima away from the goddamn script! Let he make the game, but no dialogue...

Also, a side note, the marketing of MGSV in the early days with that fake developer Moby Dick Studios was unbelievably stupid and lead to absolutely nothing. It fooled nobody, it added nothing to the game and it didn't even tie back into the eventual reveal in any meaningful way.

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Transformers 2.

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What sort of a budget do you think Machine Head were given exactly? Fuck the graphics... they created an interesting world and managed to pull off making the main character relatable, give him personality and a sense of weight in the world. This isn't a triple-A game in a long running franchise... it's the quasi-sequel to the piece of shit that was Raven's last entry.