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It's that crashing symbol sound I don't like.

The songs are so varied but every one of them is punctuated by that goddamn clanging sound. Also I played the demo and once again, like the last game, there's basically no RPG elements. I mean yes there's levels and stuff... but so what? I actually quite like the art style, but why not make it so the boss battles actually have SOME stratergy.

Why no make it so you can create a custom selection that flows into each other too? I dunno... the game just feels half-done to me.

I want to like it, but just can't get past those issues.

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As long as people buy into the hype and click on news stories with titles like "GTA TRAINED ME TO BE A KILLER" it won't die down. It's really not something I see people discuss until a headline is shoved in front of them. I mean there's still people banning and burning books in the developed world... Controversy sells and overly sensitive people complain the loudest so until that changes I'd say this moral panic won't end in my life time.

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The problem is the media, and the corporations, right, they're all working together. And see feminists don't like Goro because he represents, like, men and their boy-ish power fantasies. So this is like the developers working with the media, ok, to suppress Goro and tell us gamers are dead. We aren't dead, ok. I'm gonna doxx everybody or something until this changes I suppose.

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:_( ... I know man, this is such a huge deal. Such a huge deal!!

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The bugs in BF4 were half the problem... poor map design was the rest. Even if the game runs perfect nothing can hide how lame the core maps were. Seriously, the quickest example I can think of is the map with the big tower in the middle that can be blown up and.... yay another flat urban map! My other favourites are flat urban map, rainy boring urban map, open map near a dam with poor control point placement and flat design... I mean did the same guys who made Operation Metro, Caspian Border, Operation Firestorm and Damavand Peak make this game?

tl;dr -- Wolfenstein New Order is the game you want. It's brilliant... not flawless, but a lot of fun.

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99% of it. I just listen to the Bombcast and check the forums. My subscription is basically a tip jar to keep doing the Bombcast. Maybe a Quick Look now and then... but really, not a lot.