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Holy crap... that was supposed to suck. And it just didn't. It's brilliant!

This better wind up in the community spotlight.

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Nice vague post title you've got there. Couldn't you just put "Has anyone ever had their house burn down?"?. Anyway what's your point? Just an open ended question?

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Hate? Did anyone hate this game? I mean I don't love it and they over promised for sure, but hate? I never once got that vibe from anyone. The weapons were ok, but they lacked customisation. The single-player was a joke but was forced upon you to unlock the Titans, and I mean the world just lack atmosphere. Again, I really like this game and have put a lot of time into it, but it's a solid 7/10 game to me.

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Do you own a CRT TV or a Plasma TV or an LED TV or an OLED TV?

Does anyone know what type of TV most people own? I've been looking for sales statistics or surveys, but I can't find anything.

I mean my household alone has gone through a variety of TVs, but we don't report to some central authority when we ditch one. And do you mean worldwide? Only in the US? I seriously doubt you'll find this data anywhere. It's useless numbers that I nobody would bother commissioning a report for.

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Pokemon Red save with full 151 in the Pokedex.

Exact same here too. Dead batteries. Heartbreaking stuff but you know that it's coming.

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Got this error about five times earlier this week.

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None. They're all terrible.

I mean come on, they're all pretty great and super easy to find. Why bother asking and not just pick one and watch it? It's not like there's a specific order you have to do it in.

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@joshwent said:

@bells said:

Hello all!

So, i haven't got my copy yet...

Why would anyone read beyond that?

Because this dude has the details on the 1886 prequel, 1866. Tell us more Bells! Tell us all about how great this game that you've never played is!

"sadly it seems people took a shine to shit on this game and it's now just ''Objectively bad'' and anybody that sees value on it is ''blind sheep''... guess that's internet mob mentality for ya..."

The same could be said for blind fan boy-ism and defending a game you've never played.

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@joshwent said:

Can't we at least spout bullshit about games that are actually out?

For reals...

It's the least we can do.

Second post today on Giant Bomb ranting about a game the OP's haven't played. I genuinely think the forums are slowly degrading.

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Goodness no. I thought New Vegas was awful.

3 was a far better game in every way. However I don't hold Fallout as highly as many people appear to, so I'm hoping no one is working on Fallout 4, and everyone is working on Elder Scrolls 6

How? How do so many people think this? New Vegas is objectively better than 3 in almost every aspect except for the Wasteland being better than the desert. Yes, it's possible to enjoy 3 more for that reason, but New Vegas improved almost everything over 3, especially story.

Nope. No game is objectively better than any other.

I preferred Fallout 3, and I really liked New Vegas a lot. Yours and my personal subjective experience can't be objectively wrong. That's not how any form of entertainment works.

I hope both teams get a shot at making a new Fallout game. But the OP's question is pointless anyway.