This just in: This game kicks ass - PoP for veterans!

In my previous blog post I've written about how this game likely lined up for failure, but boy was I wrong. 
Note: I'm playing this game on the Wii, I'm not sure if there are exclusive differences between consoles.

The combat:

The combat in this game is very very reworked. In the previous game, you only 'fought' with one enemy at a time and the fighting was very linear to say the least. In the new game you are fighting many enemies at once, but it doesn't feel convoluted at all. You can jump on an enemy very similar to The Sands of Time and throw them, attack them, and even freeze them temporarily with your genies power. Sometimes a monster spawns with a blue light on them; if you kill this monster the rest will die with it. The combat is very fullfilling. :)

The platforming:

The game is back! This was my one gripe with the previous game. The platforming felt ridiculous (and this is PoP we're talking about!). This game is back to the same moveset of The Sands of Time and Two Thrones, nothing over the top, but still things to WOW you. The entire game feels like a masturbation session for the level designer and I feel it borderline parodies the fans requests of more platforming sequences. I'm not complaining, I love the platforming, but sometimes it's a little much.
There is also no real sense of progression in the game because you will be constantly going into new  areas and having the genie explain what it was, but with so much information, it's just inconsequential. You can only remember so many names of wierd places, and how they connect together, right?

The story:

Gone is the retarded frat boy from the previous game, and we welcome the old prince back. He's handsome, you can tell he's royalty and he's a prince looking for his own kingdom to prove himself to his father. I haven't really gone that far into the game ( about 2 hours in), but so far the story is looking good. Already I can guess that the genie is in fact the princess of the kingdom that wants to guide the prince to free her; but maybe I'm wrong. :P
The Veredict?
Buy this game; it's a hell of a time.


Nostalgia and how it made my childhood wonderful.

We all remember playing games when we were kids. Things seemed so much better back then, right guys? I remember feeling utter bliss when I first got a present of games from my father. I mean sure, he bought me games before, but never actually wrapped them for me and gave them as presents.
I got Banjo-Kazooie and a wrestling game for the N64 ( if someone can share the name I'll be tremendously grateful) .
So I decided I'd collect some games that bring me some good memories and even make humble in remembering how memory plays a massive part in how your view things. Here are some games that I remember much more differently than they actually were.


 My mind remembred this with less polygons.


I remember this game having crisp graphics and tremendously exciting stunt features. The scene I remember the most is going extremely fast on a motorcycle with a time limit. I don't even remember the story. 

 Check out this sick explosions.

Slave Zero

Woah! I got this game for Christmas! I remember the deathmatch games with my brother like it was yesterday. Great controls that were only accentuated by the great physical control of the Dreamcast. Way ahead of its time.



 Why am I shooting these guys again?


Again, don't remember the story, but really remember the excitement of following a car of somekind and shooting it to death. I have no idea this day what the game was about or why I had to shoot cars. I could read the page here on GiantBomb, but I think that would ruin the magic for me. I loved the controls and how you could go really really . 

Nintendo 64


Duke Nukem 64

I can't remember much of the levels. Maybe two, one was a sunken pirate ship and the other was the kickass stadium level. Deathmatch splitscreen was incredible there. My brother and I would fire rockets at each other from opposite ends of the stadium and sometimes one of us got lucky. Great memories there!
So what games did you play as a kid bring a tear of nostalgia to your eyes? :')

The new way to play videogames.

Does anyone else feel that videogames are slowly getting shorter and shorter? I mean, I've lately found myself falling more into casual games because of my work schedule. My iPhone is letting me play Hook Champ a lot of hours, but my 360 is gathering dust.
What gives?


I really hope Medal of Honor dethrones Modern Warfare as king.

If you're a 20-23 year old gamer, chances are that you grew up playing A Link to The Past and Banjo-Kazooie on the N64. The so called Golden Age of videogames.

What I loved about the original Medal of Honor

The big kahuna. This is the game that got me hooked on FPS games. Sure Doom did it's thing back in the day, but this one was the one that kept me coming back and trying to kill guards with a single shot. Of course, being a kid I rarely succeded. 
My point is, the game had soul. You could really lose yourself and feel that the story had a point and you could control the outcome. 
This one! Oh my God! "Viva la resistance" will forever remind me of this game. Who can forget sabotaging factories, slowly creeping on unsuspecting guards in catacombs and generally being a rebel badass?
The protagonist was awesome and the friendly NPC's felt real and believable. Incredible. :)

Where the new ones dropped the ball

Granted, I didn't really buy this game expecting a masterpiece. If anything I bought it expecting some filler game to make money for the company that made it. Sure it had some nice graphics, nice sounds and decent gun handling; but it lacked something very important.
You see, there's a very frequently  used game design mechanic that makes people want to play it. It's called identification. If none of your players can identify (or even root for) themselves with the main protagonist the game is dead in the water.
When I played this game all I got was a random guy that had to do some random blowing up and the occasional slaughter of enemies. At no point did I feel this man had purpose or drive for any of his actions. This was probably the biggest reason why this game was flawed in my eyes.

There's hope yet!

The new installment of the franchise aims to bring Medal of Honor back to the frontlines as a major FPS competitor. You've probably all already seen the trailer and thought to yourselves it looks like MW2. I agree, it does feature some things similar to MW2. 
But here's where Medal of Honor can win; make the protagonist characters likable and relatable. Honestly, make the game decent, don't make the guns suck and feel weak (I'm looking at you Bad Company 2 single player) and make the characters badasses!
 Soap showing a bad guy he means business. That's his 'nads on a live battery by the way.

 when I played Modern Warfare 2 (single player) for the first time, I will never forget the Favela scene where you see Soap tackling the bad guy from a second story window and landing on a car. That scene was incredible to experience. In the first mission where Soap saves your ass from death, also incredible. You instantly knew that this man was a badass and he was going to give you one hell of ride. Don't even get me started on Captain Price.   

Please Medal of Honor - Show us what it is to have a good time and save the country again.


Why I think the new Prince of Persia has a great chance for fail.

if you've played the last Prince of Persia game you can all agree that the game sucked. 
You couldn't die.
You had a nice cookie cutter path laid out for you. 
No choice except which rail to take.
The characters voice acting was awful; the writing even worse.
They took the charm that made the Prince famous for the new gamers and sucked it out for a Disney experience. Here's to hoping the new game goes back to what made it great in the first place. Great characters, great gameplay that required you to think and time things well and non-retarded sidekicks.