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Almost makes me sad I don't have television service... almost. I'll be eagerly waiting for Hulu to post it. I have high hopes that I doubt will be disappointed.

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In the stats... I have no idea what these two things are talking about. Can someone please explain these to me?

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The pictures interest me, I'd like to learn more.

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I noticed that when people post a blog, it seems to be posted as a thread in the forums. If I do not type in anything I think is relevant will it not post it in the forums? 

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First, let me say my skill level in games leaves something to be desired. I'd be game to try to "help you back" on a mission, but it may be a fruitless effort. 
I don't need to get 3 stars on everything, I just want 5 more so I can play the last set of missions. I'd be really appreciative if someone could help me unlock the last level set. 
Message me here on Giant Bomb to exchange PSN, my star information, and compensation ideas. 
Thank you in advanced.

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So, I unlocked claymores today and thought "Cool, free kills." and started placing them as I ran around getting owned by all you skilled players. To my disappointment, I didn't seem to be getting any kills with them. I was going to remove them and get my grenades back, until my Father pointed out that in the kill announcements (not sure on that name, the list in the lower left corner indicating who has killed who and with what) I was indeed killing people.  However, no yellow points were popping up on my screen.  So, I have a few questions...
1) Do claymore kills count as kills and give you points like every other kind of kill?
2) Using the scavenger perk, how many claymores can you place at once? It there any real limit? 
3) How long do they claymores stay if they are not shot or triggered? Is it forever? Or do they go away after a set time?
Thank you in advanced for your answers.

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Hm. Alright, so it probably wasn't a prank by a friend then? 
IF this happens again, what should I do?

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My cousin complained that is Internet stopped working, and so I went over to take a look at it. After much searching, I noticed that his Network Card was disabled in the Hardware menu. Fixing it was as simple as right clicking it and hitting enable.  
Would Windows have done this on its own? Or did someone have to manually disable it?
We were just wondering, as it seemed strange.

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I agree with what a few people have said, I'd break out my NES games and have them play that.

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But still inside your border... I keep my workers on automated for most of the game. I notice that they will build farms that the city can't even use. Do these have some purpose, or is the AI just being dumb? 
Thank you.