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I doubled in Physics and Philosophy. Degrees are irrelevant, which is why I'm currently a software developer!

If I could do it again, I'd definitely major in computer science. There's a lot of great stuff in physics, and I'm glad I took some high-level E+M and quantum classes, but my passion was always for problem solving, and not necessarily for physics.

You'll spend a lot of time in the lab, but I wouldn't call it "spreadsheet analysis." It's mostly "shit didn't go as planned, here's me trying to quantify how badly it went and possibly trying to explain it." Exhausting.

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Do you live on the edge? Is the thrill of grabbing new loot matched only by the rush of narrowly escaping death? Then you should join the Giant Bomb Hardcore community! Just search for "Giant Bomb Hardcore" in the community finder and get in on the action. Team up for rifts (and the extra-dangerous Greater Rifts)! Get help leveling (and re-leveling) your characters! Talk trash about those filthy casuals over in softcore!

Remember that communities are not connected to clans, so you don't have to leave or join a clan to join a community. You can also join multiple communities, so why not join up and hop in chat? While you're at it, join the base Giant Bomb community, as well.

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The whole issue with naming conventions for these things is that they walk this middle ground between base ten and base two. After all, the number 1000 and the associated prefix "kilo" mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in base 2. There is absolutely nothing special about that number, but since powers of 10 are very important in the decimal system, we already have those terms ready to go. Since we grow up learning decimal, we have an intuition about what "a thousand times larger" means, so we kind of get what a kilobyte means. As it turns out, there is a power of 2, 1024, which is very close to 1000, so we kind of fudge it and use "kilobyte" to tap into that decimal intuition that we have. The fact that 1024 is the 10th power of 2 is merely a coincidence - after all, a decimal "10" is a totally meaningless number in binary. What's EVEN CRAZIER THOUGH is that the system breaks down when talking about megabytes. A megabyte is defined as a straight million bytes, which is slightly LESS than a thousand kilobytes. This trend also holds true for gigabytes.

But I digress...

So consider this: as it is now, a kilobyte represents 2^10 bytes of information. That means that 2 kilobytes represent (2^10) * 2 bytes, or 2^11 bytes, or more importantly, since we're often worried about how many bits we need to make available (like for a bus), there are (2^11) * (2^3) = 2^14 bits. Pretty simple!

Now imagine a dark, dark world where a kilobyte is 1000 bytes. That's 2^9 + 2^8 + 2^7 + 2^6 + 2^5 + 2^3 bytes (512+256+128+64+32+8). So, in base 2, how many bits of information are represented by 2 kilobytes? Quite the headache!

In any base system, multiplying or dividing by a multiple of your base is very simple - it just entails moving the decimal point a certain number of places. It's why you can tell me 100 * 143 almost instantly but would have to think about 419 * 143. Both of those numbers are ugly in base 10, just as 1000 is ugly in base 2.

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Contgats, chief. What's the job description for a Producer?

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HoMM 2 was my first love as a PC gamer; I would take the unit list insert that came with it to school and read over the unit stats during lunch. So it is no small statement when I say that HoMM 3 is the unquestioned Best in Series. It was a bigger and better version of HoMM2, adding a lot of interesting new spells, perks, and units while keeping the fantastic music and art direction of its predecessors. I've played a good chunk of 5 and 6, and while they are competent strategy games that address some (but certainly not all) of the series' long-standing issues, they lack a lot of the playful charm that made the early Heroes games so much fun.

I've played a ton of fantasy TBS in my days - Heroes, Age of Wonders, Elemental, Fantasy Wars, Kings Bounty - and HoMM3 is the one I would want on a desert island.

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Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Pretzels. Shiiiiiiiiiittttttt....

OOH also their peanut butter filled pretzels, salted.

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The post-show panels worked better when there were four guests or fewer. There tends to be one or two heavy talkers in each group, so keeping the groups smaller at least ensures that not too many voices will be lost if a few people dominate the discussion.

As an aspiring developer/designer myself, I really enjoyed hearing from Team Dev (Zoe, Rami, Jonathan, etc). Lots of good stuff there. Also God damn if Ed Boon is not a likable and interesting dude. I could watch him read the phone book.

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First you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the women.

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Just found out I'm going to Electronic Triple. Let's kick it!

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Mario Karts past, present, and future have got nothing, NOTHING I SAY, on Crash Team Racing.