Arcade Games Played in Tokyo Summer 2009

Game centers in Tokyo are a pretty damn flashy spectacle and as long as you don't have epilepsy, that's in a good way. This is thusly a list of arcade games I gave some love to over the course of my trip in summer 2009.

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Posted by ahoodedfigure

I want to see more weird arcade game lists :)
And I want to play Taiko Drum Master!

Posted by Pepsiman
@ahoodedfigure: Taiko Drum Master is probably among my favorite rhythm games since it does a really good job of merging simplistic mechanics with a good difficulty ramp. If you know how to play a taiko drum in theory, you're pretty much already set to go. Most people would probably recommed nabbing one of the seemingly millions of import versions of the franchise out there, but for what it's worth, the one installment that did come to the US is still a solid game, and pretty cheap, too, even with the drum peripheral. The song list might not exactly be true to its roots, but it still works.
And as for more arcade lists... I can probably cook some up in due time.
Posted by LordAndrew

What? There's an arcade version of Rhythm Tengoku?

Posted by Pepsiman
@LordAndrew: There is indeed. I had forgotten it existed until I stumbled into it one day after exploring the area around my train station, but yeah, it's most definitely real. If I remember, Nintendo basically commissioned Sega to do what basically amounts to a quick and dirty port of the original game. Save for a few very slight interface and gameplay tweaks made to accommodate the arcade format, everything's pretty much the same.
Posted by buwchbach

Oh god, I want to go to Japan to go play some arcade games right now! 
I literally only saw my first legitimate arcade machine today, and it was only a Mario Kart GP 2 machine.