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*sigh* this list makes me weep for want of a Wii and DS.  Curses to you and your list I can not play!  jk ^^;;

Posted by Pepsiman
@Matte: This year was a surprisingly full one for me for those systems. The games on here probably won't generally get as much widespread recognition as they should, but they're all definitely great example of what those systems' libraries have on offer, even if some do have glaring flaws here and there.
Posted by Matte
@Pepsiman: Very tempted to pick up another system, but with more ps3 titles on the way I don't know if I can invest the time/money into anything else.  Yet I always feel like I'm missing out on some gems, rough or not.  I'd love to get my hands on SMT, Silent Hill, Scribblenauts, and Fragile Dreams especially.
Posted by Pepsiman
@Matte: I'd say that there always there for when you really do have the time and money to invest in another system. It's the same problem I've got with the PS3; hell, I've started amassing games for it even though I don't actually have anything in the way of an actual system. Unless weird shortages started cropping up, they'll probably still be around a plenty when the time is right.
Posted by Pepsiman

"Down voted for not having Batman/Dragon Age/Infamous/Assassin's Creed 2/A BUNCH OF OTHER STUFF because budget totally isn't an issue for a college student, Pepsiman. >:("

Posted by KillerRabbit

Hey Pepsiman. You really have a knack of pointing me towards titles that look so cool, that i haven't really heard of. First the Personas and now Fragile Dreams, which looks very very cool. Have not heard one word of that before..
So i guess a thank you would be in order.
And Happy new year!

Posted by Pepsiman
@KillerRabbit: Always happy to point people towards the more worthwhile obscure releases. Like I say on the list, Fragile isn't perfect, and it really could have done without combat, but what it does well, it does really, really well. Save for Silent Hill, there probably isn't a game on the Wii that does exploration and environmental design as well as Fragile, since those are definitely its fortes.
Posted by The_Joker

I'm about halfway through Silent Hill. I agree with its position on your list. More games need a narrative that feels more impacted by the player like this one seems too. I already feel like I'm going to replay it just to see what would happen if I was an ass the whole game instead. Speaking of player driven narratives, if you're feeling divided over what to buy when you fall ass backwards into 50 bucks, Dragon Age. Going to last you the longest and you'll enjoy it the most.